We're Back in Our Mechs This Week, and Also, Killing Demons in 'DMC 5'


Join Austin, Natalie, Patrick and Danielle for a whirlwind tour of the games we’re playing right now, in mechs (Left Alive, Titanfall 2), in space (Objects in Space), and in… demon funtimes (Devil May Cry 5). We’re all anxiously awaiting Sekiro in different ways, really.

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Man, I’ve been to exactly that job interview Austin is talking about. I remember applying for some job in like Eatontown, NJ and instead finding like 40 people hanging around the lobby. This was like 2014, the recession had been going on for six years, I had graduated the year before and been fuck on my luck for months. Most of the other applicants were middle aged people looking desperate for anything, it was a bad scene.

You know your interview is bad when the entire crew gets brought into a theater room to listen to some guy with conspicuously expensive shoes promise literally the world. “As long you pay $400 up front for two week training.”

I stuck around for the morning just for the entertainment value really, got some free bagels, and never ever looked back.


Hey so if anyone is lookin to get TF2 on PS4, Walmart and Amazon are both selling it for $7 atm


I would be so down for a Metal Gear Solid Lore Reasons.


Let me introduce @patrick.klepek to the iconic Australian work boot, 100% laces free:



No joke, I wear Blundstones to my office job and they kick ass.


Can someone please link to whatever the Stephen A. Smith thing is that they’re always referencing?


chelsea boots are my footwear of choice aswell and honestly i dont know what that says about me but im fine with it and my comfyass feet


I want to like the new stellaris patch so badly, but the performance drop is just such a killer and makes the end game years go so slow.


Is it possible that DMC 5 and Kingdom Hearts 3 are the same game for different audiences? Hearing how Patrick describes DMC, it sounds pretty much exactly how I felt about and why I liked Kingdom Hearts 3.
Video Game-ass video game that just wants you to have fun beating stuff up for a while with a lot of flash and style (depending on what kind of style you’re into).


I upvote the Blundstones recommendation.

I have 2 pair, one with composite toe for job-site visits and one regular ole leather pair. They are not cheap but they last forever. Both pairs of my Blundstones are 5.5 years old and still going strong.


If you don’t want to be like me and spend 10 minutes trying to find that motherboard article about neighborhood apps being used to police “shady” people, here is a link to it: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/qvyvzd/amazons-home-security-company-is-turning-everyone-into-cops


I have not listened to the episode, but I am going to trust my gut and say it’s almost certainly this tweet


That tweet’s great, but it’s not that tweet. It’s when they’re always saying, like… “SKIP! Now you know I love Kingdom Hearts… BUT!” or whatever. Something like that.


That bit is a reference to this tweet by Hegelbon: