We're bringing back Deorbital, a publication for new voices in games writing! And you can help!

Hey y’all, Amr here. You might know me from these forums, or Waypoint stories I did on games like Doki Doki Literature Club and Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Dante Douglas, who you might recognize from Paste Magazine and his recent work at Waypoint, and I are once again winding up to bring you another year of Deorbital, our magazine for marginalized writers that had a short but sweet run a while back. During that time we ran a lot of work that resonated with people, and brought in new voices. It was one of our proudest moments.

You might have heard us occasionally mentioned here by Austin, or seen us on Kotaku, where we talked with Gita Jackson on why we write about games. If you haven’t, do check out our previous articles over at deorbital.media.

Right now we’re running a fundraiser for another year of the site, in a new quarterly format. This will allow us more time to work with writers and provide a space beyond the busy demands of the hot take centric publishing business. We hope this will provide a diverse alternative to a space that’s often very homogeneous in voices. You can find more details here.

In addition, we’re running the Dogs of War series, five articles from myself and other contributors on the new God of War, as a counterpoint to the parade of dads that have covered the game so far. We’re gonna dive deep into a lot of aspects of the game, from lots of very different viewpoints.

These were also funded by a lot of generous people, so we hope it’ll provide an example of the kind of crit we can do given funding.

Our first one is by my friend Em, who is 1/2 of Abnormal Mapping, a great podcast network.

They wrote about how the “Son Action” button creates a Kratos centric universe, and how it reflects a toxic ideal where masculine worth is valued by efficiency in creating results:


i’m so excited. i’ve read some stuff you and Dante Douglas have written separately and found it really good and insightful, i had no idea about Deorbital, though!

edit: i just that piece by Em about God Of War and wow i liked that. if this is the kind of stuff y’all gravitate towards i cannot WAIT.

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