We're Launching a New Rewatch Podcast By Rewatching Every Damn Purge Movie


Here’s some name pitches!:

  • Rewindsight (this is hindsight + rewind, my personal fave and if y’all don’t use it I am gonna)
  • Recontext
  • Don’t Forget This
  • Sleep On It/Slept On It
  • Late Night, Late Takes
  • Leftover Takes
  • Reheated Takes

ok now im makin jokes but here we go

  • Chilled Takes
  • Lukewarm Takes
  • Room Temperature Takes
  • Put These Takes in the Microwave and Press Reheat!
  • Takes On Me
  • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Waypoint Radio!
  • Are Movies… Art?
  • Waypoint’s Movie School for Cool Gamers
  • Waypoint Presents: Pillow Takes, the Austin Walker Takes-So-Late-You’ll-Need-A-Nap Power Hour, starring Austin Walker and All His Friends
  • Waypoint Presents: Patrick Klepek’s Spooky House of Terrible Frights, starring Count Patrick Klepek and All His Scary Friends
  • The Woke Gamer Wakes Up, but this time, He’s Movies
  • Film by the Foot (you know what you’ve done)


My brain won’t move on until I post this: Veni, Vidi, VCR

I found stuff with similar names, but no exact matches.


I just got to 44:00 in the podcast, when Austin is talking about the radio spot where the guy says he’s going to kill his manager.

You know what I want? I want a one-shot comic about that office the day after the purge. A dark comedy about the mood of that office after one of their co-workers kills another co-worker, and then presumably coming back to work the next day.

“Hey everyone, I’m going to be filling in for Susan for the next few days until we can hold interviews and find a replacement for Richard. Also, try not to use the printer too much, we’re low on paper, and Richard was the only one with a key for the supply closet. Nice going Thomas.”


Some Name Ideas

(Might come back and update this with new ideas)

Using “Frame” as a root concept:

  • Re-Framed (Reframed)
  • Re-Framing It (Reframing It)
  • Reframed and Rewatched
    The word “frame” pulls double duty here. One is in the film senses, the physical framing of the image we see and the individual component frames that make a moving image. The other is in the analysis, Lakoff/Derrida sense of reframing an argument or review in very much the way the Waypoint staff comes at media commentary. Having the “Re-” at the front hints at the fact that these are rewatches. Based on a cursory search, there don’t seem to be any podcasts out there that use these names.


I know, right? Seems like a great opportunity to embezzle from the company you work for, commit some major SEC violations.


Can’t for the life of me remember who on twitter had the idea(though knowing twitter it’s probably been copy-pasted by a billion people looking for Tweet Numbers by now anyway), but I’m still waiting on the Purge comedy where some people accidentally kill someone a day or two before the Purge and have to fake their life until the purge comes around so the murder becomes legal. Perfect TV show episode, surely.


Name Nomination: Bechdel Testing


As I mentioned in another thread the Purge movies bother me, specifically their popularity and how they are consumed in the current political climate.

Sort of a “Verhoeven” effect? Political satire mixed with other genres and the satire is mostly misinterpreted or ignored? (think about how Starship Troopers grew into a franchise that universally is just about heroic space marines killing space bugs) Either through bad filmmaking or just human nature to take what you want out of something.

But I’m enjoying all of your takes on this movie and curious about how you’ll feel after the sequels. I honestly missed the Clockwork Orange comparison , and it seems so obvious!

Naming things is hard. I love the word “panopticon” but almost every variation of it has already been used .


My name suggestions would be: Films and Discourse or Set your Rewatch


Suggesting “Watchful Eyes
Also “Afterpiece

Joke answer:
Re-rento Mori

  • HEY! Watch this thing!
  • Stuff We Watched
  • Things Worth Watching
  • Rewatch: The Podcast

I’m no name expert, but those seem like podcasts I might subscribe to.


That’s really good though!


I think clips are a good idea and all, but as someone who doesn’t like horror but was enjoying the discussion I got too freaked by the opening speech to continue. I know I’m in the minority but if you’re doing movies with difficult subject matter later on it might be something to consider.


I’m liking Slept On It as a name idea. It works well for time having passed between the original release of the thing and opinions potentially changing, and also because presumably with a mix of people on the podcast, there are going to be people who are seeing whatever is being talked about for the first time so have slept on the original—which will be true for the audience too.

I like the stuff around recontext/reframing from other ideas too.


LA Rob’s Hollywood Fantasmagorium

I’m glad this podcast finally came around to prod me into watching The Purge.


I think a good name would be “Waypoint Rewind”
Remember, be kind and rewind.

edit: Nvm I just read the comment from Austin


When you’ve put it this way, it does work really well!
I was enjoying Rewindsight so much I missed how good Slept On It was


Being able to quickly skip sections is an ideal use of podcast chapters, which I think are pretty widely supported now. I hope the folks doing the editing/post will consider that. It’s a great way to see what’s in an episode in addition to making navigation easy.


I have a title suggestion that is similar to yours. That is cool!


I’m like…blooooown away that the crew liked this movie as much as they did. The first Purge movie takes one of the most refreshing and promising premises in recent memory, and shoves it through every possible invasion/slasher trope, leaving us with a high-concept/low-rent Panic Room with none of the tension, character, or panache. The setting is awesome, but its total lack of nuance and, honestly, poor filmmaking robs it of so much potential.

Allegorically, there is a lot that is definitely in the text of the film to analyze and work with, and I will definitely give it credit for that, but I also feel like some of that intentional metaphor, language, and imagery allows for more charitable viewers to give it undeserved credit for other elements that are really just tired trappings of the genre. Like, the kid has a robot/camera toy because that’s what ya do with teen boy characters - you give them a weird gizmo that ends up becoming very useful. The house’s layout was confusing because the movie is poorly edited. The shotgun was cool because it’s the kind of long gun a rich family in this future would have instead of a double-barrel over the mantle.

ugh The Purge pisses me off because there is such a fucking RAD movie in that idea and what came out of it was such a claustrophobic by-the-numbers flick.