We're Launching a New Rewatch Podcast By Rewatching Every Damn Purge Movie


Before I saw Austin’s post, I wanted it to be called “Grosse Waypointe Blank,” but I’m incapable of coming up with good names that aren’t puns.


Some name ideas,

  1. WVHS: waypoint video h* s**

*Hierarchy, heuristics, haters, hecklers,

**society, session(s), screening

  1. No Concessions

  2. Marquee Malarky/ Malarquee

  3. The Velvet Curtain

  4. Reel Discourse

  5. The Lion after the Credits

  6. Rowsbuds

  7. Butter in the Middle

  8. Sitting to Close

  9. Be Kind Rewatch


Yes! 100% this. Just watched it last night.

I think the waypoint crew really pinpointed all the good parts and some of the bad parts (the lack of understanding of the house layout). But the amount of movie tropes was eye-rolling bad. My main issue was the mask crew hanging outside to look scary. The girls frolicking around and kissing each other with masks on was…bad.

The premise is soo good! But I felt the movie could have been so much better if other writers contributed to make a better script. Excited to watch the rest of the series.


It seems like there are a few ‘Be Kind’ podcast title suggestions. I was surprised to see that there weren’t any podcasts with a title in that format.


I know there was a re-watch podcast called “The Kind Rewind” under the vast umbrella of McElroy podcasts.


i saw this movie when it came out because i was SOOOOO amped on it, and i remember being so frustrated by how little it did with its premise that i couldn’t even bring myself to try again for this podcast. the concept lends itself so well to a series of vignettes: the locked-down house, the people in the streets, the person seeking revenge, the people trying to stay out of it, the person trying to help others, the people trying to become millionaires overnight…but in the first movie, all we get is a rote home invasion scenario, with almost zero insight into what’s going on in the streets. I’ve seen the first two movies, and through both movies, participants we are shown are either trying to get a few kills in, or not get killed themselves. they appear to be using the franchise as a whole to explore the different approaches to purging, but the first two movies are so shallow and hollow that their stories don’t support themselves through an entire movie’s length.

this concept would be better served as a single movie with several vignettes, or as a miniseries, but, at least in the first two, the filmmakers have proven themselves neither skilled nor clever enough to work the premise for all it’s worth. just a lot of maniacal masked posturing, as you allude to. like yeah, that’s ONE way someone can participate in the purge, but in the two movies i’ve seen, it’s basically the only way, and man oh man is that frustrating


Very excited for the new podcast!
And as for the title, I would like to suggest Backtrack. Still connects to the idea of Waypoints but also incorporates the action of revisiting something.


Great title suggestion!


Really love it, but unfortunately it already exists. There really is no wiggle room for this sort of thing, unfortunately. Keep the suggestions coming, but def do a quick search of podcast platforms and the web to make sure it’s not already a thing!


Be Good, Rewind
Point and Flicks
Rewine Pon It
Mic Jones: Back Then They Didn’t Watch Me
Goin Back in Time Potion

  • Critical Art / Critical Arts
  • A Room with a Vue


my brain is perculatin from reading all these Kate Beaton comics; if you still haven’t thought of a name
Eyes Open, Pinkies Out
I pictured you sipping tea and analyzing The Purge


hey just so you know, the embedded browser link in the article for this is actually showing the latest episode in the podcast feed, not the specific rewatch episode. i know there’s probably not a lot of people who listen through the article this long after the episode came out so it’s not a big thing, just wanted to let you know


For what it’s worth, this might be worth making a topic about in #site-feedback – that makes it easier to get picked up by the relevant peoples (since a single post in a topic can get lost pretty easily).

This is a good catch, though, I hadn’t noticed!


“Backward(s) Glance” doesn’t seem to be taken.
It has a similar feel to it… sort of.


I’m glad you guys liked the first film, but I agree with others here that it takes a great premise and squanders it.

For those wondering where the non murder purgers are at, the last film tries to address it but I don’t want to spoil it.


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