What a YouTube Copyright Strike From 2015 Has to do With 'Mario Maker 2' in 2019

The same week Nintendo released Super Mario Maker in 2015, Nintendo launched a copyright strike at Mario video uploaded by Andi McClure, a designer of numerous web curiosities. On its own, this was nothing surprising. Corporations have enormous power on YouTube if they choose to wield it. Your video can instantly disappear, with few options to fight back. But what made things curious was the news Nintendo announced on Monday:

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This article lead me to realize that the Wayback Machine can actually archive Youtube videos so that you can still watch them after they’re taken down. Huh. That’s neat.

Also, I make an indirect cameo in this article. That is also neat.


This is extremely shitty. Nintendo is just like Disney: a company with family friendly image that will ruthlessly prosecute any infringement of their IP, even as they steal directly from fans and pretend they came up with it.

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