What Anime are you watching right now?

I am amazed this already isn’t a topic.

Just tell us about the anime you’re watching right now, real simple. Myself, I’m watching a French co-production called Valerian and Laureline, which yes, is based off those famous French sci-fi comics that the movie Valerian was based on (though they pick different arcs to adapt). It has some major sound design and dubbing issues that were rampant with French shows dubbed in English at the time, but benefits in that the animation was handled by a proper Japanese studio. It uses the missing Earth arc, starting with Valerian joining the time police and meeting Laureline, but then skipping way ahead by making the incident where Laureline got out of her time period possibly the thing that causes the timeline change. Space adventures follow.

It is the goofiest thing I have ever seen, and the alien designs are extremely creative and fun. Enjoy these out of context screenshots.


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The other thing I’m watching is…sigh Dies Irae. It is very bad. Imagine if Nasu from way back when he was starting out was somehow and even worse writer, and he really wanted to use nazi iconography. The idea here is that a super nazi ended up creating his own pocket dimension and a crew of super nazis to fight a war that a douchebag prophet promised them and our main character and his entire city has been raised and manipulated by this douchebag to give said war and there are a lot of magic rules and the bad guys were nazi uniforms but only one of them (a lady with a burn on her face) is an actual nazi and everyone else basically got murdered so hard that they just follow the head nazi, who doesn’t seem to follow any nazi ideology and instead more general authoritarianism with some god complex, and one of them is maybe a vampire and hates sex or something.

Listen, it’s fucking overly complicated chuuni nonsense mixed with a massive lack of cultural understanding AND a bad visual novel adaptation to boot. The end result is either incredibly boring, extremely gross, or fucking hilarious. The direction is so bad, I cannot even begin to describe. There’s a scene where a nazi woman gouges her eye out with her thumb and it made me laugh just the way it was executed and portrayed. Look at this:

(CW: self-harm)


I’m planning to rip into this for a podcast because it is bad anime gold at times, and not for the reasons I expected.

Enjoy more out of context screenshots.

(CW: some blood and gore, comical though still rather extreme)



I mean there’s this thread.

As for anime, I’ve almost finished up Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, which I’ve been meaning to watch for a while but visiting my friend over the week finally gave us an excuse to just indulge in cartoons.
It’s a great show, all the characters feel well rounded and both the personal and political drama is really compelling all the way through, and the manga is made by a woman so it’s notably un-shitty about its women characters, can’t wait to finish it up.

Same friend also introduced me to Code Geass, which we got like three episodes in before abandoning ship; it probably develops but it felt like generic too-kool-for-skool wonderboy anime with an insufferable cast of characters and an uncomfortable art-style.

Anyway I’m excited for more My Hero Academia later this October.

I’m rewatching Digimon Adventure at the moment, which is extremely nostalgic.

I’ve also been watching Thunderbolt Fantasy, which is so wild, I love it. The twists and turns aren’t the most surprising, but they are still compelling. The fight scenes are very fun. I think I liked the cast of the first season more than the second, which I’m just getting into, but it’s still good. Beautiful show. Really makes me want to learn puppetry, but I have no idea where to begin with doing that.

That thread is for current anime. Not all of us watch anime as its current, so a more general thread just makes sense. I mean, a mid 2000s French anime and Dies Irae aren’t exactly current.

I always treated it as whatever thing you are currently watching but I won’t complain about more than one anime thread. I’m watching 10+ series maybe so I won’t list them off.

Since it was brought up: I tried to watch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood after watching the first series (which I liked). I don’t like Brotherhood! I only managed to watch four episodes so far despite being genuinely interested in seeing the alternative story. I might be shallow but my complaints are basically visual. I can’t get past the ugly backgrounds, and they do the weird grey chibi thing way too much. It’s not in any way one of the ugliest series I’ve seen, but I very much prefer the style of the first one.

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I’m always rewatching Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun

And I am always watching Symphogear

starting assassination classroom again after dropping off for some reason when it was airing and good grief it really feels to me like a distant descendant of 70s kirby comics in a broad sense in terms of using an insane premise as a really poignant way to deal with systemic issues as students in the asian american community even though it isn’t set in the us it hits the big notes really well.

I haven’t watched any of the original but we went with Brotherhood simply because it seemed like the most complete and true to manga adaptation, but there seem to be some pros and cons to each from how I understood it.
Personally I didn’t mind the backgrounds except in some specific parts, they mostly looked nice to me, might check out the original too as some point for an alternate take I suppose.

Brotherhood is wildly and widely loved, so I recognize it’s probably mostly me. I should try and give it more chances, I might get used to it.

I recently finished up watching Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans and really really liked it. There was a couple of bits that didn’t sit well with me but on the whole I think the show is really great. Episode 21 when Gjarllarhorn attack the island that Tekkadan are on and Biscuit dies hit me really hard and had me in tears. I’m going to start watching Season 2 at some point and I’m very excited about it.

I also watching Kyousougiga and No.6 with a friend. Kyousougiga was a lot of cool style and while I liked the early episodes, I didn’t end up being particularly interested in the actual main plot in builds in the second half of it. No.6 on the other hand I didn’t like too much. It’s chock full of pretty bad tropes (especially relating to portraying a toxic relationship between two men as good and romantic) and feels very rushed overall (which I guess I should’ve expected considering it’s a ton of light novels packed into 11 episodes).

Just watched the season finale of Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer). It was very good!

My wife and I finished Hyouka last night. We started it on a whim, and it became one of our favorites we’ve seen together. It’s genuinely funny and touching, and shouting “I have to know!” is our newest joke.
At first it seemed to me like a story of a guy who was going to get the girl even though he was a complete wiener (typical male fantasy stuff). But in the end, Hotaro really grew as a character. He went out of his way to help his friends and participate in their club. He learned to care about people other than himself, and not in a Shonen in-your-face way. It’s a simple slice of life anime, but something about it really struck home for me.

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I didn’t get around to finishing Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid until just recently since I heard it has some Bad Stuff in it.

Almost everything around the central family dynamic of Kobayashi, Tohru, and Kanna is excellent. It exemplifies KyoAni’s strengths in telling stories centering around women. Fafnir and Takiya’s friendship is fantastic. Elma’s side-story is cute. It ends very, very well.

But yeah there’s real bad stuff. The running gag with Lucoa and Shouta is gross and sucks in a major way. There’s a scene between Kobayashi and Kanna later on which is equally creepy. All of that stuff is a huge albatross around the neck of what would otherwise be a stellar show.

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Once I learned enough to know that every scene in which Kanna and her friend are framed Like That is intentional and not a very weird accident I was too disgusted to continue. Which sucks, because there were some nice moments between Kobayashi and Tohru around rejecting normality and just generally cute bits with that family.

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KyoAni really rung the gold out of the manga, which is much grosser at points and recently made a terrible spin-off focusing on Lucoa and Shouta, which disgusts me.

They’ve made a lot of changes to stuff they’ve adapted, I’ve noticed, and usually for the better, especially with Sound Euphonium.

I only ever took one “which anime character are you” quiz and it told me I was Kobayashi and I figured that was about right.

Hoping the second season resurfaces at some point but, obviously, more important things to deal with at the moment.

I love Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, it makes me happy.

I watched the first episode of Black Clover for some reason. Does Astra sound like that for all 100+ episode? His scream has like vocal fry or something, and he is screaming all the time!

I’ve been on-and-off watching Ace of (the) Diamond for the last few weeks and I can’t remember enjoying an anime more since I was a kid!

It’s about a team of high school baseball players and, I dunno, has anyone else watched it/other sports anime? I’d never even considered the subgenre but it’s soooooo fun.

Check out Princess Nine, it’s an older baseball anime about an all girls team. Has a lot of fun characters. I’ve also heard great things about Slam Dunk and remember enjoying some of the manga back in the day (which has some absolutely incredible art).

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Just finished watching the first season of Ojamajo Doremi a few days ago. It’s very good! It’s a long-running magical girl show, but rather than taking cues from sentai shows like Sailor Moon did, it’s more of a throwback to the old-school version of the genre, with girls using their magic powers to solve problems. The animation’s cartoony and expressive throughout, and since the first season is directed by Dai Sato there’s a lot of attention paid to the importance of hard work and giving people the strength to solve their own problems, rather than solving them easily with magic. It also gets very serious at times–this isn’t Madoka Magica or Utena, but there are episodes about complicated situations like divorced parents, the death of a pet and having to live with the consequences of your actions.

Apparently Mamoru Hosada is roped in later in the series, but the first season has a few very good episodes by Shigeyasu Yamauchi (of Casshern Sins fame) as well. Either way, it’s an excellent show that should be better known in the US! Definitely for kids, but the writing is thoughtful enough that adults can enjoy it too.