What anime would you recommend to Patrick?

For me, I would say Ping Pong: The Animation, very safe bet IMO, it has a different style to most anime, and is very safe for not having typical bad anime things in. Plus, it owns.


Kaiji! It’s definitely the Dark Souls of anime


FLCL is low commitment and very accessible… it is anime as hell tho.


Monster. Since he likes more serious subject matter.

Kaiji is pretty good too, alot of crying.


Was just about to say Monster, it’s probably the closest to American TV that anime gets.

Also Patlabor, but just the first two films. They’re both pretty good politcal thrillers


The first Patlabor film Is Extremely Good.


Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket, Kaiba, Aku No Hana.


the correct answer is マッハGoGoGo

March comes in like a lion, beautiful art and Rei is maybe my favorite protagonist in any anime


Aye, I just finished that recently and was really good, I felt was stronger when it was focusing on “the family unit”, as it were, but still a great recent anime.

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Your Name is still in theaters in some places, and is a beautifully-told story that I think some part of Patrick would dig. But then, I think everybody should see Your Name, so… yeah. It’s like 100 minutes, go see it!

As for series, last year’s Fune wo Amu (The Great Passage) was absolutely incredible, and I think that Patrick would appreciate the deep-dive it takes into representing a very niche industry (Dictionary authoring). Seriously, don’t sleep on this anime, it’s one of my favorite shows probably of all time – as ridiculous (+ maybe boring to some people) as the premise sounds, it’s a fascinating story about deep characters sharing and expressing passion over something, and learning to connect with others (along with helping others connect and express themselves as well). And it has a fantastically-portrayed neurodivergent main character (not explicit, but pretty heavily coded) who isn’t treated like garbage or pitiable by those around him but also not like… played as a rote “idiot savant” archetype or something, he just… is who he is, and it’s beautiful. I can’t say enough good things about this show. I rarely cry from media, and it sounds silly, but the Dictionary Anime made me cry and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Go watch, Patrick and everybody else.


I’d love to recommend Stand Alone Complex, if only The Major wore pants in the first season.


Oooh, yeah, that’s on Amazon right? I haven’t got around to it at all yet, but did notice it, you make me want to check that out right now, lol

Yeah I wished that got explored more, holding out hope for a second season some day. I feel like we were really just getting introduced to the cast when the season ended, but Rei’s personal growth and his struggle with depression was what kept me watching.

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Gunbuster and Diebuster are good. Azumanga Daioh is chill, but better in manga format. Same for FullMetal Alchemist because in order to get the most, you have to watch part of FMA and then stop at a different part and watch Brotherhood, which is a lot.

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Man, I love Gunbuster and Diebuster… but I have a feeling both will be way too horny for Patrick to handle, lmao

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Hunter X Hunter

It’s a long build up, but it engages in very video-gamey tropes in super interesting ways, and the Ant King arc at the end is one of the most compelling things I’ve seen in years. I’ve seen it all twice, once with my roommate and once with my girlfriend.


Yep, it’s on Amazon’s anime service! It gets my highest recommendation.

For as batshit insane as it is I would honestly recommend One Punch Man to him, if only for how subversive it is in terms of tackling anime tropes.

I’ve had some friends who weren’t very into anime really end up liking Shin Sekai Yori.

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