What are the best jobs for introverts?

I have a friend (who is a deep deep introvert) that works in classifications - in that she has to watch a bunch of television and tick of lists to figure out what classification they should have (G, PG etc).

She gets to watch most popular shows at least two weeks in advance and does it in the remotest part of the building by herself.

She also has to sit through alot of European ‘art’ movies and gore flicks (which meshes well with her interest in serial killers).


I’m no introvert but I do really enjoy my own company… And walking. My dream job would be a postman


I’m an introvert and the only jobs I’ve gotten with good pay involve me talking on the phone all day to reps and customers. I got my “White Voice” down and everything now.

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With a harsh Scouse accent I quickly learnt to find my “white voice”


I’m more than introverted, I’m autistic. Despite this, I work in the service industry as a grocery clerk where the bulk of my job is emotional labor for jerks. It’s not a terrible job though, I’m unionized at least.

I’m heavily introverted yet really drawn to teaching and tutoring jobs, which is a paradox I’m not sure how to explain because the majority of my workday is non-stop talking and engagement with a bunch of other people that leaves me super drained on longer days. I think part of it is that I tutor college applications, so all of my students actively want to learn and engage, which means I need to spend less energy just getting their attention. And the other aspects of the job are way better than I expected to find a humanities major coming straight out of college, so I’m probably going to hang in this field for a while.


Manual labor, engineering, designing, researching, accounting, and writing.

The rating classification thing probably counts as a type of research. Research isn’t just fancy science stuff.


custodial work is great.


Sounds what like I used to do before I started in Program Edit!

Honestly, if you get a good job, Editor is a fantastic space for being by yourself. Usually, you get your own room so you can focus on your work.

The problem is when you have producers who want to come by all the time instead of sending emails, or if you work in a cubicle space, like me. ;_;

Data Analysis or Market Research. Works for me.

I do have to present findings ever now and then but I actually quite enjoy it. Data usually speaks for itself.

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