What are you afraid of?


What sort of phobia do you have or just a small fear?

Can’t say I have any fears (Things like highs and uncharted areas make me excited). I do tense up with horror games at least watching other play them.


Not achieving my full potential, either due to inaction or a random cocktail of genetics that block me from my life goals without me even being aware they exist.

Or creepy little girls in horror movies.


Ocular trauma.



Legit tho, beyond your standard existential dread kinda fears I’ve nothing I could really say I’m afraid of, per-se. Like, I’m not fond of being deep underground, but not so much that I don’t eagerly jump at the chance to go into old mines or caves etc because of the cool shit that’s down there usually.

So long as I can live forever agelessly I’m good.


Small, wild, dangerous things. Which I guess is part of the larger class of “unpredictable death or major harm”.

[TW: snake in link] Also I am conceptually afraid of these things while actual rare encounters often don’t go that way (especially if things feel less unpredictable in the moment). As I am a giant, I include people in this classification too.


I really, really don’t like open water. Or lake water. Any water that I can’t see the bottom of. Pools are okay because I can see to the bottom and the entire enclosure, so I feel secure.

Edit: I also have that thing where holes make me feel physically ill. I don’t know if it’s a phobia in the traditional sense but there’s fear in there somewhere.


Failure is always a pretty good one, right? Being terrified that you’ll amount to nothing? And that goes hand in hand with the academic’s chosen form of self-hatred, Impostor Syndrome. Which is pretty fun because even if I ever get to be successful (lol) I’ll still be perpetually worried about failure.

On the plus side I feel like Neo looking at the world as strings of code every time people discuss culture or anytime I read basically anything fictional or nonfictional, so, uhhh…kind of a fair tradeoff? Semi-undeserved feeling of profound insight matched with oscillating amounts of psychic pain related to applying oneself well?


I wish I hand’t clicked.
…So, yeah, right there with ya.


While I have no problem with heights really, feeling like I’m not on a solid surface can give me a panic attack. Standing on a balcony that feels like it sticks out too much can cause that or being on a swing that is just a little bit too high off the ground. The worst was probably walking the steps of Sigiriya (The Sky Caslte) in Sri Lanka because you know, walking up a vertical face is scary.

Also spiders. Had to look away from the spider encounter we had yesterday in D&D because our DM loves to use his miniatures.


A lot of my true fears are related to personal things in my life and my health so I won’t go into those. However, I do have an aversion to bugs, especially beetles. If I see a beetle: I tense up, my heart races, I start hyper-ventilating, sometimes I tremble. I’ve once ended up crying because I’ve stayed frozen for so long. It’s also the reason why I can’t play Thumper despite believing I’d love the game otherwise.


I’m gonna avoid anything existential and say serial killers and ghosts. Always have been, always will be.


People with concealed faces. I spent a good part of my early life learning how to read facial cues by rote and now mascots and such are really unnerving to me. At least let me see your eyes.


The hole thing is trypophobia (don’t google that).


I’ve never been good with heights but I’m unsure if it’s actually a fear of being up high or the sensation/potential of falling. Maybe both?

Also getting caught up in a random shooting. That one seems to get worse as time goes on.


Why did I not listen?


I do get a weird feeling from looking at these but never to how others do.


Death. That’s probably the only thing. An ignoble death would be the worst.


I always feel like my skin is covered in ants when I look at stuff that triggers it. It’s not really a tangible phobia but more of a physical feeling, in the same way vertigo ruins my life sometimes (or, at least, the way I experience it, that is, I get dizzy when staring up or down heights while not actually being afraid of heights).


Knives. Just the idea of things piercing the skin is just…no. Just no.

On a grander level, outer space? I don’t know, the thought that someday we’ll discover we’re the only living creatures in the entire universe terrifies me.


Or the ghost of a serial killer, are you fucking kidding me? Is there anything worse than that?