What are you listening to?


This classic thread is always a fun way to browse some music, in my experience. Just post a link to a song you’re listening to!

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Recently started getting more into Goth.



Only the best Disney soundtrack of all time. This is not up for debate ;).


I’ve been listening to a lot of PWR BTTM recently. They have a new album out this month and I’m pumped. They are so positive and fun and everyone should listen to them.



New Gorillaz is SO GOOD

I’m never gonna stop being over this track.



I just listened through the whole album today. And then I listened through the whole album again. So good


yooo I had no idea that p.o.s. put out an album in the year of our lord 2017

hell yeah


Kill Jill is still hot as hell. Gotta love Killer Mike. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcQbKMf8vJo


I just love this soundtrack so friggin’ much.
It’s disgusting how good it is.


rostam is so good


I keep shuffling between the new Kendrick Lamar, New Pornographers, and the new Gorillaz. A lot of good music this year already.


I fell off the game a while ago, but I’ve found myself listening to a bunch of the songs from Let it Die lately. This one has been stuck in my head today.


new Little Dragon is for sure my album of the year so far and I appreciate this vids aesthetic


I’ve been listening to the whole The Tragically Hip catalogue on and off since Gord’s terminal diagnosis. Man Machine Poem is great. A real return to form after those Bob Rock produced albums. This Strombo Show tribute to the bands 30th anniversary is a pretty good intro to the band for any of the non Canadians reading this.

I’ve also listened to more Mouth Moods than I should have. That album is corny and bad and I love it.

Also I can’t stop listening to Beneath the Mask from the Persona 5 soundtrack.


Even though I’m kinda disappointed by the second half of it, I’m still enjoying some songs off the new Gorillaz album. Outside of that, the new Cashmere Cat album “9” is some pretty cool pop that I’ve enjoyed having in the background. I particularly love the song “Wild Love”, even if it did come out last year.