What are you listening to?

i’ve continued to legit enjoy half of the songs off More Life. what a great half-album.

Right at this moment: https://dreamcatalogue.bandcamp.com/album/tokyo-restricted-area

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at this very moment


yes dude (this not related to video games, or the other thing)

Some nice evening music.

fancy country time

I’ve fallen deep into YouTube mashups and Monstercat playlists.

BotanicSage’s mashups are legit and worth a look.

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DAMN. and this https://youtu.be/kfy9IKQ7oBI

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I never know where to dig into Dream Catalog (mostly stick to 2814 and that Telepath/Nmesh split), so I’m v. happy to have a rec with them! :heart_eyes:

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I know a bunch of people have already posted P5 music, but I’ve found myself just sitting idly and getting lost in this track a lot.

This song is also totally rad.

Oh and this is still my favorite track off the new Gorillaz album. I came real close to audibly gasping when I heard Vince Staples was on this track.


one of my favorite musicians died a couple of days ago and that hit me harder than i was expecting. i’ve been listening to his music nonstop since i’ve heard the news. it helps a bit. this album in particular is astounding. and this song, this song is something special.

I know, it’s such a deep hole to go diving down. I’ve skimmed over a huge amount of their back catalog and a lot of it is very, very good, probably dropped like $50 on digital releases alone. That first 2814 release is like audio catnip to me.

I keep updated with their new releases via email, mostly.

A good tune…and some good doggos in this video too, which is always a plus.

RIYL: Julien Baker, Ryan Adams

One listen will not be enough. The harmonies. The funk. The beauty.

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This song is great, and I cannot wait for the new Shabazz Palaces album.

I’m still hooked on The New Pornographers latest…it’s proved a solid soundtrack for a lot of emotional stuff I’ve been going through. Especially the title track.


Neon Bunny’s ‘Stay Gold’ - specifically, this:

These kids have been goin’ at it for a couple of years now & I can see them doing big things in the future. Check them out if you haven’t already.

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