What are you listening to?

A friend at work introduced me to Fox Capture Plan and that’s been a pretty good break from my normal listening.


Viagra Boys - Street Worms




Brian Gibson - Thumper



The Fall - The Unutterable




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I’ve been getting into Viagra Boys recently as well. I’m going sober for january and since Welfare Jazz came out I’ve been listening to I Feel Alive semi-ironically on a daily basis.

Also on the more softboi end of the spectrum, Del Water Gap. His stuff is mostly cute indie love songs, really good ‘I have a crush’ music. It can get a little cloying at times, but there’s some self-awareness on songs like Don’t Say Nothing that engages with the weird dynamics that can emerge in songs like this.

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I was actually going to post about Welfare Jazz, but I figured first I’d make a “2021 new releases” thread, because there’s already a bunch of new post-punk albums, like from Shame and Sleaford Mods, and I’m probably gonna want to talk about them.

ftr though, I Feel Alive is my favorite song from the album as well



I can still hardly process the news. She meant so many things to so many people, and I’m in absolute grief today. She gave the world a new sort of pop music. She lifted up so many new artists with her collaborations and influence. And not least of all, she was a role model for queer people like me who have trouble even processing what concepts like “authenticity” means, where she just said to hell with it by embracing the post modern: “My face is the front of shop/I’m real when I shop my face.” I cried when 'It’s Okay to Cry" dropped and she came out with all the confidence in the world. I was so happy for her. And I cried today when the person who helped inspire my own journey of self-discovery left us all so tragically soon.

Her entire catalogue is deserving of celebration and it will forever cherish it.


Yeah, It’s Okay To Cry was a great moment. Seeing Abigail Thorn’s video on today of all days kinda brought the same feelings of happiness for someone else publicly embracing something they presumably knew personally for such a long time.

Musically she was a tour de force. I still distinctly remember hearing Bipp for the first time and being instantly put off until 3 months later we saw her at the Warehouse Project and instantly 180’d. I’ve seen her, I think, 4 times since and every time was special in its own way. Just loud, abrasive, punishing and a sensation of sound and colour. She was always, for me, the instant rebuke to the crowd of music critics who believed that innovation was dead and everything was derivative of something. PC music were great if slightly in the end too sickeningly sweet and stolidly middle class (and yes derivative of clubland and happy hardcore) but SOPHIE remained on the periphery of that scene and always felt the most original inventive of the lot.

Seeing her go from collab to collab and rising in stardom was something that made me weirdly proud as someone who had seen her play to 15 people in a field in Glasgow’s East End. Going to Field Day a year later in a sold out tent was marvellous and then reading about Madonna, Rihanna and especially Charli XCX requesting productions was so cool.

Her sound has infiltrated and reworked pop music for the better and one of the biggest crimes of this tragic accident is that she will never get to see the vast and positive influence that she is going to have on the state of pop for the next decade. It makes me even sadder. Even now it’s pretty subtle but I hear major commercial stars like Little Mix have these traces of SOPHIE’s productions popping in their music and it has (I hope it’s HAS) the potential to spread even further.

Also a friend of mine posted about how he stole a bunch of booze from a big producer’s rider at a festival and SOPHIE caught him and never grassed him up so SOPHIE, thank you for the cans, and thank you for the music. :slight_smile:


So I found an old cd binder filled with mix cds I had from high school. Found this gem on one of them:

This is Francis Quinlan from Hop Along fame pairing up with P.S. Eliot. Such a fun cover of one of Francis’s earlier songs. I remember putting this song one so many mix cds I made for high school crushes. Listening to this is just bringing back so many wonderful memories.


Been big into Nervous Dater since picking up Don’t Be A Stranger, and the single they launched ahead of this month’s album is some good sh*t. Good band for indulging and vocalising a lot of my own anxieties.

Dan Deacon’s USA singles are also like, the right kind of slow build, non-vocal longform tracks I needed to start a day’s writing this past week.


Ever since I discovered her, I’ve been obsessed with Anna von Hauswolff. The pipe organ as primary instrument? Beautiful yet haunting sounds? Sign me upppppp. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYPCpjyLDIs

Viagra Boys - Welfare Jazz




GIRLS & BOYS (and it’s a live version because I feel the vibe of the song is communicated better)

Shame - Drunk Tank Pink
dtp shame





Okay so I just listened to Random Access Memories over the weekend and now Daft Punk is done.

This is hitting me harder than I thought it would.


Daft Punk all day. The beats are very fast in Human After All but I think I can just sob in sync with them.

It is a dangerous power that you wield. Use it wisely.

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Oh I can see me falling back into my blog house Spotify playlist for the next month.

dang, this power sucks

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Everyone post your favorite DP