What Are You Watching?


Hey all - there’s a thread for this for gaming, so figured to make one for Film & TV to ask a very simple question. What’ve you been watching as of late? I just got done watching Duck Soup for the first time - fantastic comedy and just bonkers ending - as, well as a rewatch of the hyper-violent Zombi 2 a few days ago. Will probably check out something tonight, but not sure what.

How about you?



Also, The Americans. I’m on an American kick recently, I suppose.


Ive been indulging my best/worst self and have been watching Mighty Morphing Power Rangers and am starting Power Rangers In Space. Also the new MST3K, which is great so far.


I’ve been watching the new season of Fargo, which is pretty much exactly what I wanted so far. Each new season feels fresh whilst also retaining the numerous Fargo-isms I’ve come to know and love. Really looking forward to seeing where this season goes.

I also just noticed that Babylon 5 is available to stream for free now, so I’m considering giving that a shot in the near future.


So, confession time - I’ve never seen Fargo, the show or the movie. While the show is more excusable (TV has never been my strong suit), I have a harder time justifying the latter. Of course, the Coens in general are a huge weak spot for me, and I can never decide what to check out first; Fargo, or the Big Lebowski?

(Only Coens I’ve seen are Burn After Reading and True Grit. I feel ashamed)


Right now mostly Star Trek Voyager, going through my X-Files blu rays when I feel like it, Clone Wars, and Steven Universe.


Ooof, that’s a tough question. I love Lebowski, but I feel like it’s kinda done to death by now. Fargo gives a better impression of their style anyway, so I’d start there.


I started watching Chewing Gum, and—two episodes in—I’m laughing. Hopefully this doesn’t sound depressing, but it’s hard to make me laugh. So I’m latching onto the show more than I expected. I basically netflix rouletted it


Awesome, thanks! Sadly, through pop-cultural osmosis I know Steve Buscemi gets ground up in a wood chipper, but besides that, will be basically going in blind.


Yeah, that’s a bit of a spoiler but not enough to ruin the experience. The journey to that point makes it more than worth it.


I second this. When I saw The Big Lebowski I enjoyed it a lot, but I had heard the references so many times without the context of the movie it put me off a little. Like a tiny voice at the back of my mind constantly going “oh, heh, that’s where that comes from I guess…”


Legion is real good. The Expanse is supposed to be great but I’m being a bit slow to get into it since I haven’t had a lot of time to dedicate to sitting down and actually watching through it instead of a bit here and there at work.

Also watching through Brooklyn 99 for the first time and it is so good and I dont want it to be over, I’m halfway through season 3.

Powerless is a pretty cute DC comedy that’s out right now.

A liiittle bit less the past couple weeks but I spent the past couple years mostly just watching youtube stuff and giantbomb.


Re:Creators(it’s very good)
Dragon Ball Super(also very good)
New season of Taskmaster(best show)


Brooklyn 99 is fantastic. Haven’t seen it in a while, but I adored the first two seasons.


I’d always held off because I though andy samberg wasn’t somebody I really wanted to see do… anything.

But it’s preettyyy good


The Leftovers is definitely one of the best series on TV right now for drama, and it’s wrapping up with its third season airing now.

It’s about the only show I’ve seen recently that can consistently surprise me multiple times an episode.


Just finished up the current seasons of The Magicians, and The Expanse not too long ago.
Currently I’m watching:
iZombie season 3
Silicon Valley season 4
Samurai Jack season 5
American Gods
and a bevy of anime I’d rather not list.
Not to mention my backlog of stuff that is on hold or that I need to watch and all the time I waste on YouTube.


So I just started watching Universal Soldier (1992) and it starts with JCVD and Dolph Lundgren waxing poetic about the horrors of war in the jungles of VIetnam and I think this might be fantastic

I have no shame in saying I want to get through the series just for the weird horror DTV sequel from 2012

  • Last weeks eps of @Midnight (I watch every one, usually all at the end of the week)
  • A few eps in to the first season of Man Seeking Woman
  • 'bout to rewatch Peep Show, as the final season hadn’t yet aired when I saw it previously
  • first time watching the Avatar series’, now midway through the second season of Aang
  • have made my way through Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies, and am now near the end of Hannibal’s first season


Just finished Bates Motel, brilliant show in my opinion. Now I’m trying to find something new, some of the ones in this thread may be my new series to watch.