What are your favorite kinds of puzzles?

And by this I mean all puzzles not just puzzles in games.

Huge fan personally of Nonograms and I feel one of the few people who really liked Voltorb Flip.

Also if you like logic puzzles and riddles notpron is really good.

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The goat puzzle


Voltorb Flip was the bomb and now I need to go find my copy of SoulSilver

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People bag on the chess and matchstick puzzles in Professor Layton and the Curious Village, but I like them.

Sliding block puzzles where you have to remove a piece are my least favourite.

i like nonograms, i like sudoku, but tile matching games are easily my favorite. give me Puzzle Fighter, give me Tetris, hell, i still play a lot of Candy Crush.

i much prefer games where i need to make a bunch of small, quick decisions constantly as opposed to games where i need to stare at something and fiddle with it until it makes sense. those get very frustrating for me.

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This just gave me an urge to play Puzzle Fighter again. This + Tetris Attack made this whole period lit.

I liked Polarium back in the day. Not sure if there’s a specific name them, but they’re tile-flipping puzzles not unlike the ones you may have encountered in a 2D Zelda game or a Pokemon gym. I’ve always been pretty good at those.

:purple_heart: i used love sudoku :purple_heart:

I was just saying in the “Walkthrough” thread that I love the Myst style environmental mechanical puzzles. They’re purely information driven, but they’re also usually not abstract, they’re about piecing together causal relationships between elements and seeing how information transfers between seemingly different objects. When it works it creates a world that feels dense and clever

I think I solved over 500 hundred nonogram puzzles on my phone.

I’m doing 80x80 puzzles now, they take me almost one week each but it’s all about the enjoyment I get from solving logic problems.

I really wish I’d find another logic game for my phone; though I like sudoku it doesn’t do much to me.

Voltorb Flip is the absolute best because slots are so boring

I can find joy in slide puzzles, and wasn’t infuriated at that part in re4 :^)

I think my favorite are adjacency puzzles though, simple and straightforward

I really like nonograms, though I haven’t found a phone version that I like that much.

I used to have an unreasonable dislike of Sudoku (a teacher in high school made us do them for a grade and it pissed me off enough to swear them off completely), but I’m slowly getting into them as well.

Hell yeah, nonograms are the shit. Even though I’ve played more than a few great games this year, one of the front runners for my end-of-year top 10 is still Pictopix (Steam Store). It’s a really pleasant and cute little thing, that’s super not at all little, because it’s jam-packed with nonograms.

And I refuse to leave a puzzle-centric thread without mentioning the Hexcells series, and SquareCells by the same developer. They’re superb.

I don’t really go for puzzles outside of this medium, though. Put in front of me, I’ll give most anything a try, but I think I get my fill from video games.

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