What Are Your Favorite Speedruns?

I struggle to fully grasp most esports, even for games I’ve played, but speedruns captivate me every time.

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Gimmick for the NES. Short run time, precise platforming, low RNG, and little glitch abuse. A blast to watch.


I’m gonna have to go with SethBling doing what he called a credits warp to beat Super Mario World. This is the type of glitch that makes you stop and appreciate the collective effort that speedrunning communities put in to discover all the impossibly hidden elements to beat a game. This run involves him literally writing code for the game using item pickups. It’s absolutely mind blowing!


Signed up just to share this. It will always be my most favourite run of any game, and it’s hilarious to boot.


I adore Studio’s runs cause he always picks interesting stuff and commentates it really well. Here’s my go-to from him, a speedrun of Stranger’s Wrath from the Oddworld series (timestamped to when the run starts)

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I know that people give them flak at GDQ, but I really enjoy watching runs of the Super Monkey Ball games. They don’t abuse the mechanics of the game as badly as some speed runs do. But they still have a supreme control over what’s going on.

Also, the run for Vice City at the last AGDQ was very enjoyable.

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The Super Mario 64 120 stars speedruns captivate me to no end.


Personally, they’d have to be the Sunshine runs. SHINE GET!!! A close second would be the Metroid Prime runs, preferably the ones done by Miles.

the current crop of Kingdom Hearts speedruns are really exciting… with this new ps4 version basicly having 0 load times makes the WR sub 2 hours… which is fantastic 2 watch… so many different catagories spread across the 2 main games… and its not done thru glitches, as impressive as speed runs like Prey and DOOM 2016 are… those revolve around not playing the game really… skipping most of the content… thats not as fun to watch for me

it’s also a bit of vindication for me, because i feel like kingdom hearts gets ‘dunked on’ in the press a lot

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I absolutely adore CavemanDCJ’s run of Floating Runner, an obscure PS1 3D platformer. It’s a cute game but this run is amazing because of the commentary. Allow medibot to teach you about the wonders of the Swamp Matrix and of octagons.

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I had no idea people hate on the Monkey Ball runs. Those are some of my favorites as well.

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Naruto and Pikachu’s Quest For The Car Keys is, for my money, the funniest thing to ever happen at a live GDQ event. And it avoided a lot of the punching down you see in “comedic” gdq segments. It’s just a slow spiral into over-tired madness and owen wilson jokes.


I’ve dabbled a bit in speedrunning, and Mirror’s Edge is probably my favorite. There are a lot of nuances to the mechanics that are not evident until you learn how to go fast. Also the speedrun lets you skip all the bad parts of the game, so the game becomes better for it.

I would say Super Mario Sunshine is another game that becomes better when you speedrun it. I kind og hated it when I first played it, but FLUDD allows for some pretty cool tricks and makes the otherwise pretty bland level design into an interesting playground.

I love speedruns where they break the game so hard it’s barely recognizable anymore. Give me the weirdest glitches and skips and manipulation you have. I always liked this Pokemon Yellow run in less than a minute


I think by far my favorite speedgame is Super Metroid. Any%, Reverse Boss Order, and Low% are all really great categories to watch. The AGDQ 2014 race is really great in particular because the commentators do a great job of explaining what all is going on (and also if I recall, that race was pretty close at the end).

Bethesda games are always great to watch if you like games being super glitchy and broken. I think Skyrim, Morrowind and New Vegas are the most fun to watch. New Vegas has a bunch of silly meme-y categories (Like Max Quests and All Unique Weapons) that showcase a lot of the game along with being broken if you’re into that.

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is a great showcase of using/abusing a game’s movement mechanics to complete the levels in rather unintended ways.

Silent Hill: Homecoming is, in my opinion, the most interesting Silent Hill speedrun. It’s a good mix of doing intended sections of the game but also clipping out of bounds and skipping huge chunks of it.

And I’ll finish this off with a tiny bit of self-promotion but I speedrun TRI: Of Friendship and Madness and super duper love it and love showing it to people. It’s a 3d puzzle platformer sort of game that looks crazy and is a ton of fun to play.

I’m generally hard-pressed to say that I have “favourites” of things but there’s one speedrun in particular that stands out as being incredibly cool.

This is an incredible credits warp which involves the speedrunner playing Pokemon Red to set up a glitch on a completely different game.


Every single super monkey ball speedrun. They’re completely baffling and incredible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEtlluVrlQg


This is one of my favorite speedruns of all time, the on-point commentary being not least of the reasons why. Even though the record has been beaten with new technology since, I still consider it one of the best.


There’s a lot of great ones, but in terms of banter and commentary for pure entertainment value, nothing has topped this yet for me:

Two words



Seriously the part at 27m had me on the edge of my fucking seat

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