What Are Your Favorite Vampires?


With the long-discussed Castlevania TV series finally set to air on Netflix, let’s reminisce about our favorite blood-sucking, night-stalking, and strangely charismatic supernatural foes!

I’ll swoop in first:

I really like Sheridan’s 1872 novella Carmilla, one of the works that influenced Dracula. The tension in the first half is incredible; a slow, tired dread that captures the feeling of being worn down by the vampire Carmilla’s mercurial shifts between being kind and controlling in her relationship with the protagonist—a relationship with some definite lesbian undertones. It doesn’t have the gripping, propulsive ending of Dracula, but it’s still interesting if you’re into 19th century lit.

Here’s an amazing full reading by Shannon Sarr (of the webcomic Bound by Sound) that I come back to each October:


it’s harmony.


i’m a big fan of Eli from Let The Right One In, who is a good vampire who ends up saving a kid from a bunch of bullies toward the end of the movie and it’s a wonderfully cathartic scene honestly

another great vampire is (obviously) David from The Lost Boys. If you haven’t seen the Lost Boys I recommend it, it’s extremely 80s and the vampires all have mullets


Dio Brando means the world to me.


I’m not a huge fan of vampires in general because a lot of the foundational work (hi Dracula) is pretty fucked up in regards to how it treats female sexuality and female sexual agency.

(from Hark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton)

So after a lot of vampire movies bouncing off of me for this reason I watched Thirst by Park Chan-wook, and it’s functionally a sex farce? It feels a lot like a modern screwball comedy.
And I thought that approaching it from that angle works really beautifully at subverting a lot of the bullshit around vampires that I hate. It helps that it’s also just a really great movie.

Also What We Do in the Shadows is great.


Oh i dunno, just regular vampires… twists hair


Oh man how did I forget What We do In The Shadows? That entire movie is aces


Hellsing Alucard is best Alucard.


God I’m gonna be the first guy to say Buffy vampires specifically when Cordelia became one and Angel and Spike aren’t I well I’ve done it


I go back and forth between Therese and Jeanette Vooerman in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines.


(when did cordy become a vampire?)

Anyway I don’t know about favourite but I got my copy of Carry On the other day so shout out to my boy Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch (“Baz”) he’s sad and gay and kind of a huge jerk to be honest. Perfect.


My favourite take on Vampire tropes, in fact probably my favourite take on most tropes is in Discworld, with it’s Vampire temperance league where Vampires replace their lust for blood with a lust for coffee or photography, and vampire subcultures reflecting nearly every version of the vampire mythos under the sun (well, maybe not sun)

in a less overtly comedic vein (more vampire puns!) and pursuant to this forum in particular, over at Friends at the Table Austin seems to be gearing up to do an interesting take on vampires. so I guess actually Throndir is my favourite vampire


surprised no ones said this already, but


I’m a fan of all the different kinds of vampires there are in World of Darkness, clans and whatnot spreading through so many facets of vampire myth. And I just live for mixing in things like bible stories for origins (Cain then Longinus I eat it the fuck up)


Pushes up nerd glasses

Technically, Alucard is a dhampir.

But that’s totally OK, because I’m a fan of D from Vampire Hunter D.





What We Do In The Shadows is my favorite vampire. Just like, the movie itself. It’s such a weirdly excellent lampooning of “traditional” vampirism and how trivialized it becomes in a modern society on top of just being an excellent comedy movie in general.

I also appreciate Lost Boys for the amount of cheese it presents, but it’s very easy to argue that it’s an 80’s movie more than a strict vampire movie. So it only gets a special mention.

Past that most of my interaction with vampires is through the World of Darkness game, and those are so incredibly specific to my experience that they probably aren’t worth mentioning more than this.