What are your most hated/feared game enemies?


I’ve been playing a lot of Dark Souls 3 lately and ever since the first Dark Souls those weird eyeball frogs always make me panic. Getting cursed in Dark Souls 1 and losing half of your max health put such a fear in me that any time I see those things I get super tense.

How about you folks? What enemies still make you nervous? Which enemies do you just absolutely hate facing for whatever reason?


Since I was a child, I’ve hated the boss from the bottom of the well in Ocarina of Time. I think it’s called Dead Hand? That thing always creeped me out.


OH man yeah that thing is the worst. Also, fuck redeads those things freaked me the hell out.


Those guys in Bloodborne that grab you and steal your insight, only part of that game that made me want to stop playing it.


Cliff racers are the worst.


The first time I encountered one of them is one of the few times I was actually scared in that game. I was not expecting that weird ghostly tentacle.


Why I wasn’t afraid of them, for me the enemy I hate the most were Cliffracers from Morrowind. Just the combination of the dice roll combat of Morrowind to just how long they’ll keep chasing you made me hate them.


Wallmasters do nothing but ruin your whole day. Fuck wallmasters.


Spiders, I don’t care what game or what size they are. I freaking hate spiders.


I really hate eels? In real life and in video games


Yeah, spiders make it real hard to enjoy RPGs )-;


Something that watching Prey videos has brought to mind: I really dislike it when games start the player off by having them melee enemies significantly shorter than them. Prey does it with mimics; TES games do it with rats, crabs and spiders; HL2 sort of does it with headcrabs.

I get that these games want to emphasize how weak the player is so that their growth is better-emphasized, but the experience of fighting something low is so manifestly unpleasant. Their hitboxes are squirrelly, blocking their attacks always feels abstracted/weird compared to fighting humanoid enemies, swinging at them requires staring at ground textures instead of the pretty level the devs modeled, and having your head down makes it much easier to lose your bearings if you have to rotate at all during a fight, because you can’t keep track of any visual anchors—which can result in feeling lost, which can easily snowball into a general anxiety about going the wrong direction.


The camera is my most hated enemy in dark souls.

As far as actual enemies, the water… thing from amnesia.


Oh this is actually a really good one. I think it is especially bad in HL2 when you have those poison headcrabs that are super fast. It just turns into wildly swinging around a crowbar and hoping you don’t lose a lot of health.


I hate the square piece in tetris. I barely ever have a good spot for it.


The spiders in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow made that game harder than it should be for me. Every time I had to tame one and ride it about I basically played the game with my eyes half while making unhappy noises.


oh geez, when I was playing Dark Souls 1 for the first time last year I legit stopped playing for a few weeks because I was so freaked out by that one weird parasitic tentacle blob thing blocking that one tunnel in Blighttown

something about it was just like, primally upsetting to me? it’s like, barely a threat in the game’s terms — it doesn’t even move, and it doesn’t block the critical path iirc — but eventually working out how to kill it was the most satisfying thing I did in that game lmao

headcrabs are an honorable mention, as well as like basically every monster from HL2. fuck Ravenholm forever





As a person with cerebral palsy, my most hated enemies are un-rebindable control schemes on PC and console controllers.