What Are Your Obscure Claims To Fame?

A claim to fame doesn’t always have to be a big thing, and you don’t need to be famous to have one. I’m sure plenty of us on this forum have little obscure things that we can call our claims to fame and I think it might be fun to share!

To get the ball rolling, and to give a few examples, I’ll share a couple of mine. There is an incredibly popular League of Legends clip on Reddit where I die unceremoniously in the background, I participated in the Lasagna Cat phone survey, and there is currently a graduate thesis at my University that anonymously refers to me as “Jean Shorts”.

I’d love to hear all your obscure claims to fame!


When I was a kid, probably like 10 or 11, I won a trout fishing contest at a local lake that was sponsored by a barber shop in town, and my name is still on a plaque on their wall.


Did you win by size or by amount of Trout caught? I have no idea how that kinda contest works

A zine I made was cited as a source in Leslie Klinger’s The New Annotated Lovecraft. However, rather than call it what it was, a zine, something I made myself, my work is referred to as “privately published” which sounds incredibly lurid and esoteric as opposed to the truth: I only managed to print 50 copies in my office without anyone noticing.

I have some other Lovecraft claims to fame–wrote a thesis on his use of language and have spoken a few times about that/him–but that is definitely the funniest.


It’s usually size. For conservation reasons there’s a limit to the amount of fish you can keep so they want to encourage quality over quantity.

I listened to Psy before Gangnam Style got popular, that’s gotta mean something right?

3 members of my family (1 immediate, 2 extended) have played in the NFL.


Yes it does!

It means that it was your fault!

No joke I might know the one you’re talking about. Would you mind sharing it?

If it helps, I’m not the least bit regretful.

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I’m apparently second cousins with Mark Hamill. He was at a family reunion once I remember not going cause I was a dumb kid and at the time didn’t put together he was both Luke Skywalker AND the Joker. I’ve kicked myself since then.

I had a short story buried in a time capsule as part of a contest at my college. It was printed in a little book at the ceremony without its ending, and it’ll be dug up in 2065 to have that ending read (hopefully by me, if I make it to 69 and the world still exists at that point).

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My second cousin played Kevin G. in Mean Girls, that’s all I got.


I’ll give it a listen on my lunch break to find out



I was a middle of the pack ranked junior Olympic fencer (foil) in high school.

This question is gonna be very dumb but.
There are different kinds of fencing? Like foil fencing is different from like… other kinds of fencing?

Oh yeah. The three events are:

  • foil: touches score on the torso from the neck to groin only, only with the point of the blade.
  • epee : touches score anywhere on the body, again only with blade tip. Epee uses a different, heavier blade with a bigger guard.
  • Sabre: touches score with the flat or point of the blade (different, cutting-shaped blade and guard, again), on the torso to waist, plus arms and head.

You can read all about it in Obscure Sports Quarterly.

I made a viral GIF of Emma Roberts saying “Sorpresa, puta.” from American Horror Story (meme of “surprise, bitch”). it was even featured in a buzzfeed listicle here.

Although the source isn’t me, I can tell it’s mine because of the slight font twitch in the middle of the GIF that I couldn’t make go away no matter what I did.