What are your thoughts on the Atari Box?


Love that wood grain. I backed the Dreamcade Replay because it has similar aesthetics and is a Windows box with Steam integration that is supposed to out perform a Pi 3.


It’s a heck of an uphill climb. From a SLIGHT angle I can see a Neo Geo type system. For collectors only that are looking for a unique experience…but we’re in the era of convergence. What possible features and software could this offer? Netflix? Exclusives? Wood paneling?

Who is the audience for this device? The hardcore player with a PC and multiple consoles? The Gen Xer who left video games a long time ago? Teengers who might recall the Atari logo from a t-shirt?

More power to them. I hope to be proven wrong. But I see no way forward with this project.


The mockups look nice, but yeah, I’m not seeing much of a future.