What artist would you bet on continuing to be great?

I’m gonna say Knuckle Cracker. Creeper World 1-3 were all great, Particle Fleet: Emergence was alright (not amazing IMO but it had a lot of cool, clever ideas), and the early tech demo for CW4 looks awesome.

Fluid simulation RTS/tower defence, BAY-BEEEEE!!!

Yeah, for me I can think of scant few than Kojima as far as potential greatness and longevity in games.
His track record is nearly spotless imo, great game after great game that tries new and interesting stuff, even while it’s staying within the same series.
He’s got a great loyal team that does good stuff and show no sense in slowing down, not to mention his right hand man Yoji Shinkawa continuing to put a face to his ideas.

My largest issue will be his unwillingness to change in an industry that is starting to become more open and progressive, in all his years he’s been problematic about his representation of women and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down either…

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The only person that comes to mind is Rob Thomas (the producer, not the singer.) Veronica Mars, Party Down, now iZombie. His next project is apparently a TV adaptation of The Lost Boys.

Jordan Peele is a great choice.

Vince Staples.  That's my answer
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One of the most interesting voices in hip-hop right now. Such a funny, humble guy. I endorse this pick to the fullest. Also, good twitter:


Yoko Taro is going to keep on writing amazing games for the rest of his life and no one can tell me otherwise.

Art-wise, Akihiko Yoshida is at the very least the only person who’ll still be able to make a lack of noses look good. Keep on crossing those hatches my guy.

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This Kurt Vile collaboration will eliminate any nagging doubts I held about both those artists having a bright future

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OH, right, Yoko Taro is also a good answer, I haven’t played any other of his games than Nier: Automata, but with a budget I can see him making more cool stuff I want to play (really helped Nier was attached to Platinum Games in this case)

Games: Supergiant (Pyre, Transistor, etc)
Music: Sheer Mag (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pr2um9KXkgQ)


For music, I think Kendrick Lamar and Sylvan Esso are also up there for me. As for new(er) musicians, I think Lizzo definitely will continue to put out great music that fills a niche that isn’t as common.

For comics, Jason Aaron has done some great writing especially recently with Mighty Thor, Doctor Strange, and Southern Bastards; but we’ll see how the new event Marvel Legacy goes. Tom King is another person I’m betting on going forward. The Vision was a stellar short series that did a lot with a less major Avenger.

Music - 2Mello
Forum Posts - 2Mello


Have y’all forgotten about the most important and relevant creators to this forum? Obviously the answer to Foxtrot’s question is Waypoint! Because the creative team making its articles, podcasts, videos and live streams will continue to be great and kickass for years to come.


Found Austin’s alt.


For me, it’s going to be Nathan Fielder. Each season of Nathan for You has been bigger and more unbelievable than the previous. He’s a brilliant comedian and performance artist, and everything he’s done, from Dumb Starbucks, to Summit Ice, his clothing line to support Holocaust awareness, has blown me away. I’m so excited for this new season of Nathan for You, but it’s unclear if there will be any more seasons. Either way, whatever he has in store after that, you can sign me up.

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Ryan Coogler has been on my mind today (shouts to Movies with Mikey) and I’m totally willing to bet that his next 4 projects are quality. Don’t know if anything will be quite as high as Fruitvale Station, but I’m sure they will all be solid.

edit: scrolling through and i saw @Foxtrot mention Vince Staples which I whole heartedly agree on.

Hmm. I have found that as soon as I am sure an artist is going to be great they go down hill fast to some degree (Arcade Fire, though both of their recent albums are at least fine) or I end up reevaluating their work and questioning how good they ever were (Christopher Nolan)

I guess the closest I’d get for games is From Software but the Transmisogyny in Dark Souls bums me out more and more so that one is with some reservations. I would also say Arkane but I wonder if they’re going to be around much longer after the sales of Prey. The Wolfenstein team maybe but some of the talk about how that game isn’t trying to be political per say has me worried but that might just be them saying what Bethesda wants to hear.

For music I’d say Mitski:


Mitski is such an amazing artist. Her last two albums have been great, and I’ve been lucky enough to see her live with two great opening acts (in Alabama no less). I can’t wait to see what she’ll do next.

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I’m a daptone records fan 4 lyfe but that doesn’t mean I necessarily like all their output. The Olympians seems like it was kind of a one-off thing (pieced together when various musicians had gaps in their schedules, rather than a band proper), but if there were to be another 4 albums from them, my money’d be on them. Failing that, I’m on board with whatever Menahan Street Band wants to do next.

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omgsh stop :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:

Phil Elvrum has made nothing but hits for almost twenty years. I have no reason to think he would stop.