What Artists Would You Like To Make a Games OST?


I know Thumper exists but personally I’d really dig it if lightning bolt got to score a character action game or a game about racing through the desert, just add whoever you think would be cool and what genre of game they’d score.


There hasn’t been much soul and R&B tracks in video games since peak 90’s Sega, and that really needs to change! Like get Pharrell to produce a game or two like at the very least, imo.


I’d like to see Chad VanGaalen do the art and music for a game. He does the art for his music videos. There’s nothing like it in games that I’m aware of.


I think Daft Punk could make a stellar game soundtrack if they put some good effort into it


I want Trent Reznor to score a GTA game (Phillip Glass was juuusttt theees sttaarrtttt in that trailer)
I’d also like Vangelis to do a Mass Effect game, and New Order to do a Hotline Miami game.

Revealing a lot of my musical tastes here…


They were gonna do a Lumines game, but then Disney came along with the Tron project and they did that instead.


Flying Lotus scores a Metroidvania



Oh well what could have been… That Tron is like an amazing consolation prize.


I once read that Joshua Homme (of Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age fame) was supposed to do some OST scoring for Spec Ops, before it became Spec Ops: The Line. I kinda really want to know what that would have sounded.


i’d love to see what xiu xiu would do with an ost. or baths/geotic. or puce mary, for something terrifying. also the liz harris and lawrence english collaboration ‘slow walkers’ already feels like an atmospheric horror soundtrack.


John Carpenter. Give me that sound in a horror game and I’d probably be on the verge of a panic attack no matter how scary the rest of the game is.


Daddy Yankee, Chingon, Juanes, Usher, Ludacris, Pitbull, Flo Rida. Set it in Miami and let it ride.


these are all incredibly good suggestions thanks




I’ve always thought Tobacco could do a really amazing score to some sort of psychedelic action/horror…thing:


The past couple years I’ve convinced myself that Motorlicker would be a great song for an opening sequence for a game or an anime opening.