What Awful TV Show, Movie, Or Game Series Are You Incapable of Giving Up?

Stop asking me why I keep listening to new Weezer albums.

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Weezer albums have gotten really good again! The last 2 were up there with the first 3.


I guess the closest thing for me would be the NASCAR licensed games. Even as they continually pass from one publisher to the next, new developers and recycled old developers trying to recapture the glory of 15 years ago, and fluctuating between mediocre and bad results…I still keep hoping. Every couple of years I try again to play the newest game, hoping they’ve turned it around, that this will be the one to meet or exceed my modest expectations.

But every time, it seems like the game, and myself, are just spinning our wheels.

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For some reason I still watch WWE.


I’m currently playing through Mass Effect: Andromeda again (and enjoying myself more than the first time??) even though I keep cringing at the writing… I’m garbo!

Also currently watching A LOT of Property Brothers… I’m love those goobuses.


The Scream TV show is some delightful trash.

I’m also into checking up on various bands that just keep on going, regardless of changing conditions in the market. Like, that new Papa Roach album: I don’t know that I had fun listening to it, but if you’re legitimately curious to hear what Papa Roach sounds like in 2017, buddy, it’s weird. Actually scratch that, I had fun with how weird that album is.

I still watch Arrow. Mainly for the 10 minutes every few episodes that had Bandage Guy in it, who I have a fascination for. But not that deep that I learn his name.

My free time is super, super limited with a new baby and yet I still watched all of the latest series (leaving the likes of American Gods, Deadwood and Better Call Saul on the unwatched pile). It has a few moments but overall I have no idea why I continue to watch, but you can bank on me checking out the next season.

For books, this has lead to a rule for me - that I won’t start a “hot” series until an author has finished it and I can hear if it’s worth it or if it just droned on for several books before a weak ending. Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time was the series that sparked the rule, after I read two books (paying for hardbacks at release) in a row where nothing of importance occurred.

So when ever George finishes Game of Thrones is when I can check out the first book!

The Walking Dead is something that I dropped a long time ago but recently picked up again.

The show, in my opinion, hasn’t been good since the halfway point of Season 2, and in no way, shape, or form has the show ever gotten better or has been good since then. It doesn’t add anything new to the zombie mythos, though this is something that’s really hard to do at this point. The show doesn’t have anything interesting to say at all, there’s nothing really appealing about it at all, but I can’t stop watching for some reason.

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Nah, I’m mostly okay giving things up if I don’t think they’re good any more.

There’s a few times there’s been exceptions though; I kept watching both Doctor Who a couple of seasons past S4 and Supernatural quite a while after what should’ve been the finale in season 5, I gave up around season 9, a few interesting threads kept me watching.

Other shows like My Little Pony: FiM and Steven Universe worn out their welcome a couple of seasons in. As the novelty wore off I started wondering if that was all there was, but no, the first couple of seasons were still great, they just dropped the ball, and I dropped the shows.

As for games, hmm… I suppose one series I can’t really see myself letting go is the Demon’s / Dark Souls and Bloodborne games, even though DkS 2 and 3 were disappointing compared to the original.
I’m excited for the possibility of a new Bloodborne game, it sort of renewed my interest, Soulsborne games just aren’t easy to top for me.

Yet again though, I can see myself dropping these games too if they get stale or uninteresting
I guess this wasn’t really the question since I unironically enjoy all these things I mentioned. I can’t think of anything I keep watching while thinking it’s awful.

What, you weren’t endlessly entertained by GREAT BALLS OF FIRE?

The West Wing was definitely one of those kind of shows for me, when it was on. I enjoyed it a lot early on and I kind of liked elements of the later seasons but there was a change in tone when Aaron Sorkin got fired. The way a character like Toby changed was pretty infuriating.

I’m sorely struggling for more recent examples, I’ve gotten really competent at just abandoning shows that are annoying me, I dropped Breaking Bad after 1 & a half seasons, I dropped Game of Thrones when the changes they made from the books, especially the way they changed Sansa from a naive young girl who starts to learn the horribly cynical ways of Littlefinger to the awful stuff they put her through with Ramsay Bolton. Closest thing would I like stuff like CSI & NCIS & Law & Order, dull procedurals which don’t really have much of a season long arc and you can just dip in & out of but I like to have on while just turning my brain off.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but have you tried the original BBC House of Cards? It’s much different in tone, Francis Urquhart is very intentionally over the top and it’s a tiny bit camp and all so very silly while also still being a drama rather than a comedy. But it’s fun. TV seems to lose that idea of being fun sometimes.

Arrow and the rest of the trash DC tv properties are DEFINITELY my guilty pleasure. I love watching Oliver try to be gritty and dark as the plot lines and character arcs get more and more ridiculous

I will probably never stop playing Warcraft in some fashion even as the storylines get worse and worse and the characters I loved decades ago get set up to be raid bosses (looking at you Sylvanas and Jaina…)

For me that show was True Blood. The show was all over the place and bad throughout, but I kept watching. I remember thinking in the first season “Oh this is interesting, how would every day folks react to the existence of vampires”. Several seasons later there’s a scene of three vampires in full leather shooting rocket launchers at witches. Yeah.

Also I love watching the Pirates of the Caribbean series still.

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I kind of have the opposite problem: I’ve fallen off keeping up with the Japanese Super Sentai shows, but I really, really want to binge watch the last season and a half I haven’t even though I know it’s mostly a shallow kids’s show.

Is…are we safe here? Can I be open?

Hi, my name is Jeverage, and I have listened to and sung along with the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies as recently as this year of our lord 2017- Despite grave misgivings too numerous to count (beginning, of course, with that fucking name).

I live in my shame.


Terrace House.
(Terrace House is a Japanese reality show akin to The Real World or Big Brother.)

I know a lot of people like it and it’s not necessarily terrible per se, but I hate reality TV yet I keep watching this show. It’s really well edited and the in-studio commentary is good, but nothing happens. I realize part of it is a result of the inherent politeness and ettiequte of Japanese culture, but nothing happens, there’s no conflict. The biggest dramatic moments amount to forgetting to wash a dish or eating the leftovers and even then the conflict is resolved with a calm and conclusive discussion. (It’s really quite admirable, but it’s not dramatic).

I watched all of Boys and Girls in the City and when the next part of Aloha State comes to Netflix, I’ll probably tear through it in a couple of sittings. But I already know when I’m done I’ll have to ask myself, “what did I just watch?” because in 10 episodes, there will have been like two dates and one disagreement.

Everytime I watch it I feel like I should have spent that time watching something else, but I still keep watching it.

I said I was done with Arrow after the season four finale.

Then I got access to Netflix again and saw the fifth season available to stream…

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I’ve deliberately weened myself off of a lot of those shows over the years. Prison Break was one of those for me, so was Mad Men, so is Game of Thrones now. Luckily most of the properties that held that role in my life have died off, but now I’m faced wit a different problem: Because I know that I will stick with something awful to the bitter end, I am so much more careful and cautious about trying out something new. I can’t bring my self to try the new Twin Peaks or American Gods because I’m not ready to commit 10+ hours of my life with something I may not actually enjoy at all.

Is anyone else having problems picking up new shows/movies/books/games (like I am) for fear of being stuck with it to the end?