What came first the toy Furby or the term Furbaby?

  • The toy Furby came first
  • The phrase Furbaby came first
  • I don’t know
  • I don’t care

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I got to wondering today if the Furby toy lead to the phrase Furbaby.
The toy came out in '98 - '99, and I don’t know how to search google analytics to show results pre-2004.

So what do you think came first?


Furbaby in reference to a pet? Definitely something I’ve only heard people I knew pre-adulthood that got pets later in life.


Furbies came out in 1998 and the earliest mention of it on Urban Dictionary (the definitive guide to all words) is 2006 so I’m going to say Furby came first.


I’ve literally never heard the term furbaby before (???) and as the ultimate arbiter of language that must mean furbys came first