What charity do y'all give to?


It’s the holiday season and I know this is a time where a lot of people find it in them to donate to various charities. I know that some charities are more in name than in practice, so I was hoping to generate a list of some good ones so we can avoid the bad ones.

Also, a heads up to anyone who uses Amazon to shop (which, let’s be honest, is all of us): Use smile.amazon.com. Amazon donates a portion of the sale to various charities of your choice!


I generally give through all the video game-related charities. So if I look at the Humble stuff + charity marathons It’s a lot of Doctors Without Borders, cancer research, pencils for promise, Wikipedia (insofar that counts), Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, etc.


World Wildlife Fund mostly.


Mostly local nonprofits. Make the Road has local chapters all over the States (they focus on immigrant rights), and I also donate to my local women’s shelter.


The local food bank and a couple of area nonprofits.


I try to consistently donate blood to our local blood center. (Not plasma for money or anything like that, I donate whole blood that goes to local hospitals.) It’s not a charity, but it’s really the only way I have to give anything right now.