What determines whether a Motherboard article shows up in New Stories?

For example, Valve Is Launching the Steam Deck With Right-to-Repair in Mind and Hackers Are Making a Fortune Stealing from Kids in ‘Roblox’ aren’t posted by the Waypoint bot, despite seeming to be very relevant to this forum’s interests, whereas 'Horizon: Forbidden West' Is a Great Way to Smooth Your Brain (also by Gault) was automatically posted. I don’t know if this is an internal Vice jurisdiction/office politics thing? AFAIK the Waypoint and Motherboard guys are very friendly and Gault was just on the pod. Just wondering and hoping we can get more Motherboard articles that are relevant to this audience posted in here.

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gault’s Horizon article was published under Waypoint not motherboard.

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To tag on with something only loosely related in that it is a technical issue with the forum, it seems since the new year, waypoint radio episodes aren’t flagged as waypoint radio?

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I noticed that too. Currently, I don’t think they show up in any forum? Like if the thread gets pushed off the main page, the only way to find it again is through searching the episode number if you remember it.

The short answer is we don’t really know. It has to do with how these articles are published, what pipelines they go through, and how their tags are implemented.

My personal theory is that the wires got all jumbled during the fold-in. Prior to that, pretty much everything got posted by the bot (excepting errant gaming articles from Vice and Motherboard) because it was all being posted as Waypoint articles. I think after that it kinda fell apart because it wasn’t clear or consistent about what was being published under the Games vertical.

It might be possible to change how the bot posts and what it’s pulling from, but I’m not sure. I might have to look into it. Same with the podcast scripting.


What ^vehe said. Sometimes Motherboard writers will do an article for Waypoint, or vice versa, but the automatic posts only pull from the Waypoint feed regardless of the topic or author.

But please feel free to share Motherboard articles here that might be of interest!


Ok, I’ll do that until whatever bot thing needs sorted gets sorted! :slight_smile: Thanks!

Thanks to whoever tagged the podcast episodes just now!

Ditto this!