What Did You Play Last Week (April 30th - May 7th)

Over on r/boardgames they do a weekly What Did You Play recap where everyone can share what games they got into over the past 7 days, and now that the forums here are open (and I quite enjoying talking with people here) I figured we could have our own WDYP thread! Feel free to talk about any games you played, want to play, are planning on playing, or anything in between.

Along with the general board game discussion, there is usually a couple a questions for the community to ponder over while they talk games, which I always enjoyed! I figured we could do the same as well.

Here’s this weeks:
How do you store your games? Do you go for the horizontal bookshelf look or vertical tower stacks and why? Toss in some pictures of your collection and/or storage if you want!

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While stopping by my FLGS to see if the copy of Sagrada (a really great drafting/placement dice game) they ordered for me had come in, I grabbed a copy of the Clank! expansion, Sunken Treasures. If you haven’t played Clank! yet, love decking building, dungeon exploring and risk vs reward games, then go buy a copy of this ASAP!

Clank! is such a great game. It’s quick and easy to learn, and then very fun to play. I’ve taught at least 3-4 different groups of friends/people at game nights how to play, and everyone has walked away with a huge smile on their face afterward. The expansion just adds to that fun by putting in some new cards to the dungeon deck as well as a whole new board with underwater areas. Also if you are into solo gaming, there is a free app by Renegade (developers of Clank!) that adds rules for solo play.

I tend to store my games vertically. I love deckbuilding and drafting games so I have a bunch of card based games. The few times I have stored them bookshelf style, all the cards end up falling out of their spots and making a mess. It ended up just being easier to keep them flat in the end. Especially for games like Marvel Legendary or Pathfinder: Adventure Card Game where the cards were broken out into specific sets/groupings. Hopefully someone can offer up a good solution to this problem haha.