What do people think about Code Vein?


New trailer dropped this morning and i think it looks pretty neat, and i hope in turns out to be the super stylized soulsborne that it looks like in the trailer.
Trailer here:


What little we can see of the gameplay intrigues me, but I really wish it was closer to the teaser trailer aesthetically


The anime vibe of the in-game visuals do nothing for me.


Yeah I totally get where you’re coming from. That teasers art was on point. I’m personally content with the final style, but i hope if more is revealed we’ll see some of that teaser style in the game.


I am unholy levels of hyped for this. The God Eater games are both brilliant, and I’m in love with the visual style. Mad Anime Neo-Gothic I suppose you’d call it? Whatever it is it’s dumb, over the top and well good. What I’ve seen and heard of the gameplay sounds belting too, a good mix of Dark Souls, Nioh and Monster Hunter(or God Eater, I guess, all things considered).

Couldn’t be more on board. Get in me. GET IT IN ME.


I love the way it looks. if it manages to deliver on the gameplay department then it’s a day one buy for me


Looks really bad so far. Clashing aesthetics and pretty boring looking gameplay.