What do women think about “hey guys”?


I mean in a mixed gendered group setting.

Sometimes I get a little self conscious and say “hey everyone” or “hey y’all.” But I can’t seem to keep it up, get lazy and revert back to “guys.” I get the sense that most women don’t care and understand, depending on the context, the word “guys” is an accepted term to address a group in an informal setting.

That said, I wanted to hear from female users and not assume.

If I’m greeting a group of women, I might just say “hey” but sometimes I say “hey ladies” which somehow feels even weirder just cause I’m not some suave dude.


I’m not a woman, but I’ve changed from “guys” to “folks” and certainly like it better.



My current short response to Qs about “guys is gender neutral/inclusive” - find out how many people actually think that by using it in a dating context. Ask your straight male friends about the “guys” they’re dating and see how quickly they don’t assume you’re using it as an inclusive term for someone of any gender. Really feels like not a lot of people use that word that way uniformly which means it probably isn’t a great gender neutral option (no matter what 19th Century pedants wanted to become the norm as they masculinised a lot of the English language).

Edit: Almost no one actually uses “guys” as gender neutral and would never substitute it in certain places (eg the context I give here) but due to a movement before any of us were born to push patriarchy, there is this fig leaf of “male terms can mean gender neutral”. Like, na; you don’t get to pull “it’s just regional”.

It’s good that people ask.


It is a regional thing. Where I live, the western half of the US, it is very normal to use it in that way. Which is why I feel it’s a bit fruitless to litigate this question every so often. You’ll never find consensus. The best thing to do is to be mindful of the people you’re talking to. If any of them ask you to stop, you should. Any answer beyond that isn’t going to be forthcoming.

I don’t think you’re making the point you think you are when you do this and it seems kind of rude.



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