What Do You Create? Hobbies?


I always feel like Waypoint is constantly inspired by the creative people who inhabit the community. So what sort of other activities in, around, or outside of gaming are you inspired by? Do you make any art or media or fun toys? Rep yourself & your work!


I picked up building plastic models after falling into the exact pitch of Gundam Build Fighters. I’m still pretty new at it, but I enjoy it. My last kit was a pretty simple one, but I like having it on my desk.


I really love to cook (especially) for other people, and am (hopefully) going to be putting more time into comics this year :slight_smile:


I write fiction. My current project is a weekly serial fiction story. I saw other people writing in this format and thought it’d be a fun project, and two years and 70-something chapters later it’s been kind of amazing how much I’ve stuck withit. It’s an alternate history fantasy WW2 story that’s a little hard to summarize.


I’ve been in a total creative and hobby rut for the past few years. Before that I was really into video production.


I build models, write, and draw. I dont do any of these things nearly often enough.


I knit, and I used to be uh, Very Into Ceramics. My house is still littered with vases and coil pots. The thing is, I gave away all my best stuff, so I’ve just got these weird poor reminders of this thing I used to do, which I feel like it a metaphor for something.


i feel like i’m constantly in a creative rut rn but besides video game dev/criticism i do a lot of spoken word/written poetry, here’s a poem i wrote about Han Solo published at FreezeRay Poetry, here’s a spoken word piece about jurassic park, and here’s my full page of stuff that i have online.

i also made a lil game about poetry called diviner that got a lil bit of press last year


I make music in my spare time.

Fadebolt - Caprese

Here is my current WIP. Not sure what else I can do to it.

I’m constantly trying to learn new instruments. I’ve recently acquired a violin, so that’s on my to-do list.


My main hobby is thinking endlessly about doing a wide range of creative things but then actually starting very few of them and never seeing any through to the end.

…I recently started writing a second draft of a novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo 2015. Slightly fantastical coming-of-age thing, somewhere between Tangled and Monkey Island and Star Wars (which is only mostly as lame as it sounds). I tried and failed to start a second draft a couple times in the last year and a half so I’m trying my damnedest to stick with it this time.


I write, mostly short stories and comics these days. You can find samples of some of my work here.

I also just enjoy the physical act of writing itself, and I’ve developed my own kind of calligraphy over the years. I hand write stories for people and also create weird little stories out of time on my patreon.

Lately I’ve been relearning how to write cursive and developing other styles of handwriting to make the stories I make feel more evocative of their time period.

Aaaand when I’m not doing that I’m usually playing D&D or doing something else that involves storytelling.


Working on a game design degree. We recently just had an assignment to build an endless runner in a weekend. So this is that: https://goo.gl/iueaDV

Hopefully the people at opengameart don’t mind their stuff is in a game about boners


Started learning guitar a year ago, working on getting better at that. I can work my way through easy/intermediate songs, and I’m working on theory, improvising, and speed.


I make videos. Just coming out of a recent creative rut/depressive period, and it feels Very good.


I do not create.


Writing’s about the only the creative pursuit I really clicked with. Mostly write about games these days, but I keep thinking about trying to branch out. Hard part is deciding what else I’d be interested in writing about and finding the right inspiration to do it.


I make games! (Currently about a week away from graduating with a game design and programming degree.) I also love to cook!


I’m an industrial designer, so I get to work on fun product design projects. Well I did before I got sucked into this one very long term thing I’ve been working on for years. I do love making things though


I like to paint miniatures, and I dabble in canvas painting, quilting and gardening. I switch hobbies too much. But here’s the quilt I made, going to start another soon.


I make podcasts. It’s easy to do, and a great excuse to just chat with people.