What do you do for a living?


I’m about to graduate from college with a degree in journalism and philosophy. I would love a job in games journalism, but we all know how sparse that kind of work is. We all at least have an interest in games journalism though, so I would love to know, especially those who have similar aspirations to myself, what do you do for a living? Do you do any sort of work related to games (maybe in your own time)? If you also want to get into games journalism, how long have you been working on it? Ever come close? Ever wanted to give up on it?


I got an A.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication, then kinda stopped there b/c it costs way too much money to go to college and I didn’t wanna take out a loan. So I went into childcare instead, through a series of coincidences like ‘needing a job’ and ‘finding one in childcare’. I actually liked it quite a bit! Kids are cool and I was pretty good at making sure they didn’t like, hit each other or eat rocks and stuff. I had to quit b/c my family is moving though, which is unfortunate.

While I wouldn’t mind using my limited degree to get into games journalism, dreams aren’t exactly going to put food in my belly or pay for my immigration paperwork, so I’ll probably just do childcare stuff and talking/writing about video games will stay a hobby for me or be something I do on the side as just like, a thing that’s fun! Kinda like playing video games is a fun hobby. It’d also be really inconvenient to take out a loan and start going to school again when I’m trying to move. ;>>


I’m also just about to graduate from undergrad (BA in English and Physics), and I plan on going to graduate school in a year or two, either for a creative writing MFA or an English PhD (both of which would be funded). I’ve worked for a couple of years tutoring undergrad admissions essays as a student job, and I’ll be moving into that full-time once I graduate, which’ll hopefully let me pay back a bunch of debt before going to grad school.

Games writing for me is both an academic pursuit and a hobby (#bloginmybio), though I might have an opportunity soon to actually write a paid article for another site. And writing in general is my career goal—academic writing, fiction writing, maybe journalism, etc. I do a bit of everything on that front.


I always feel like an odd man out because I just work in a warehouse. I have a bachelor’s in history that I’m never gonna use, and I’m going back to school to get my associates in accounting.


I got a BSc in Games Programming, then proceeded to not go into the games industry because I realised during my Uni time that while I enjoy games programming it wasn’t really something I’d want to do as a job, more as a hobby. Got a job testing (and eventually programming) at a place that made simulations to train fire fighters in VR with Unity which was games-adjacent at least and while I was there picked up iOS and Android development and switched into mobile development which I am still doing to this day. I enjoy it far far more.

I write about games on the side here and there, been dabbling in video content recently and podcasting for a few years now too but I’ve never really felt the want to make that my career. I feel like it’d kill my interest in games.


My career has almost exclusively been in comics. I worked for Disney Publishing for a long time writing or drawing comics based of Pixar properties, Disney TV stuff like Kim Possible and Phineas Ferb, and also self published my own comics for a long time. Currently I write and draw “early reader graphic novels,” which are basically like children’s picture books, but longer and in a comics format.

I have done some game work, having worked on a few games for Commodore 64 when I was in high school, but nothing of any real consequence there. I did art for a couple of point & click adventures a number of years back, and (about 10 years ago now) I designed environments and minigames for Playstation Home, if anyone even remembers it.


Fighting the world.

But more to the point, I’m in tech. It pays the bills and puts the most minimal demands on my time, which, until I can make a living doing creative stuff, is all I’m really looking for.


I’m slowly chipping away at a BA in Psychology. I got a late start with school for a bunch of reasons (family, mental health, coming out) so I was never able to be a full-time student, which I sort of regret. But I ended up with a decent administrative job at a local college, so I never felt like I needed to rush to get a degree, either, which I’m extremely thankful for. I can see myself staying in education long-term, just in a different capacity. I’m probably too spacey and disorganized for my current job, but I do genuinely like working with students.

If I’d actually gone to college right after high school I probably would have ended up with an English degree, and doing some kinds of games writing would have made more sense. As it is, it’s something I’ve dabbled in but never seriously considered as a way to pay the bills. In my teens I actually had a relatively successful music blog, and I only wish I’d had the sense back then to actually do something with it instead of just letting it die off. But hey, if wishes were horses…


Cynical answer: My job is use technology to (in the best case scenario) make others’ jobs easier, or (in the unfortunate worst-case scenario) put them out of work :no_mouth:

Serious answer: I got my Bachelors in Computer Science and am currently working as a software developer for a consulting company. At the moment, my work consists of exclusively software automation - essentially taking manual business processes that are usually really tedious, mundane, and prone to errors and making them ‘automatic’, more efficient, and accurate.

I do like what I do, but every now and then I do remember that my work definitely has the potential to replace the employees that do these processes manually, so that kinda sucks. But it also pays the bills, so…

End note: In a twist of irony, yesterday I was just removed from the project I was working on for the past 4 months. The company we were doing work for had budget constraints and is trying to save costs. So now they’re reducing the use of consultants and outside work and shifting more towards doing things in-house. Which means for the moment I’m not really doing much of anything lol.


When I was a kid I wanted to make games, I learned some programming in classes and messed around with making small games by myself.

When it came closer to college time, I got more into animation. I had no knowledge of indie games, so it felt more like something that a person could do independently and had much more possibilities. Not to mention I was worried about programming being creatively unfulfilling.

As college went on it felt more and more like I didn’t have the chops for animation, and I started thinking about going back to programming. I eventually wound up getting a job working with programming in an animation studio, basically making tools for the artists to use. It’s a ridiculously well suited job that I’m glad I happened to find out about on twitter.

I still work on games at home, to try my hand at building something that’s mine too. I’ve been working on a new one since January, which is the longest I’ve been with a game project yet.


Heck yeah I do!


I’m a Project Engineer working for an engineering firm specializing in industrial pump skids. If that sounds incredibly boring, it’s because it is. I cynically got my Bachelors and Masters in Chemical Engineering for the career prospects, and it’s worked out for the most part. I go to work to do boring tasks with boring people, but it pays well enough to support my family. I grew up wanting to write for Nintendo Power, and flirted a few times with games writing in the past. But nowadays I’ve pretty much settled into accepting a boring middle-class life. It is what it is I suppose.


Writing intermittently about video games is my side hustle.

My full time is rapidly coming to an end because I work in retail e-commerce as a UX Specialist, which is very fancy term for actual data entry and site organization but my company went into Chapter 11 this year and was sold off to liquidators so we’re currently winding down and going out of business, leaving thousands of people jobless.

I love capitalism! I wish I could write about video games for a living but guess what, even that industry is low paying and sliding into the sea too.


Damn. Sorry to hear that. I hope stuff works out alright for you (and your coworkers) and that better opportunities come your way.


Thanks, I’m looking for jobs right now, but I live in a tech wasteland of the Midwest (that is not Chicago) so it’s a little hard going.


I break stuff, but scientifically and mostly on purpose.


Got a degree in Anthropology (it’s a weird German degree, which I think roughly translates to an M.A.?) in 2014, but since I kind of fell out of Academia a few years prior to that, I ended up not really finding any kind employment.
After I used up my savings, I applied for welfare over here and also tried my hand at game development. Unfortunately the game I made didn’t sell really well, so I still have to rely on welfare.

I’m actually looking for a dayjob right now, but I did an incredibly good job at acquiring lots of different skills that are totally irrelevant for about 99% of all possible jobs. At least this is how it feels to me.

I would still really like to just keep making videogames and earn a living that way, but I don’t have much hope of this happening.


My undergrad degrees are in East Asian Studies + Creative Mythology and my M.A. is in Folklore Studies. I’m a speculative fiction writer and had until March been working for five and a half years at a SF/F publishing company doing sales & marketing.

I’ve written tie-in fiction for tabletop RPGs and am interested in writing for games at some point and/or running an actual play game as a podcast/video series. But since I left the sales job (by ‘leave’ I mean ‘my position was eliminated because the company consolidated their sales team’) I have been focusing on delayed writing projects and my new series before taking on big new projects.


I… sort of have a BA in communications. I’m done with all my course work but my school requires students to get graduation paper work in a year before they actually graduate, so I’m waiting 6 months to technically graduate.

In the mean time I’m working at a call center for a nonprofit medicaid transportation brokerage. It’s not unbearable but I’m not exactly enjoying it. That said, I’m saving up to get away from my folks and this lets me do that.


Since everyone is sharing their academic background I…uh, finished 1st grade? That was like back in 2003. Parents tried homeschooling, subsequently dropped that after a year and then a second hand PS1 took up most of my time from ages 8-12. Ended up getting really bored of doing that and took to reading much of my grandmother’s collection of books, which she accrued from two decades teaching in public schools. My sister and I spent much of our free time pursuing our interests in writing, Photoshop and coding, which built skills that both of us still use in our current line of work.

Started my first job at 15 coding websites, struggled with that and switched to design over a year later, which was much more fun. Did it for about three years, and while the pay wasn’t amazing, the conditions and work itself were good enough to justify staying.

I quit last August since creatively things had stalled and it was hard to justify being there when I had a side job doing customer support that paid much more for less hours and no commute, and not long after that job became my full-time. I also do some freelance videography / photography here and there, but it’s mostly been a creative outlet.

I don’t really have any work in games at the moment but I did got involved a few months earlier cutting a trailer for a dating sim a team here in Manila was making. I recently started playtesting for them and it’s been super fun. But yeah, my professional life has been weird.