What do you do when stuck on a boring final boss battle?


I’m playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 and I really loved the game… until the Final Boss.

Is a boring tedious fight. The boss have five transformations. FIVE! and the last one is a grind. I have to defeat to parts of the boss so I can attack the real one… but then it revives his other parts after I did almost no damage and it’s back to the same over and over again. I looked at guides and videos online and my strategy and build is valid… but I have to brace for a extremely long battle or just grind for hours to get an advantage.

And I don’t want to do any of that.

I’m honestly think I enjoyed everything the game had for me and really considering to watch the ending on YouTube and consider the game completed. But it feels… “wrong”. I almost never abandon games and never so close to finish it… I really don’t know what to do.

What do you do when in similar situations? do you abandon the game? watch the rest on the game online? grind till you can finish it? I’m really open to suggestions.



I don’t blame myself for the failing design of others. Games are meant to both teach and test - if you can’t pass a test the failure is on teaching, which was also the task of the game to get you to the point where you can succeed and not just endlessly grind against a test until random luck or fluke (or some exploit like a levelling system that allows you to brute force time in place of skill attainment) gets you through it.

Sometimes I put a game down and come back to it later (that week or, if I end up jumping into another game or several games, maybe several months later - that long gap is far less common for me with a game with a story conclusion if I’m that close to the end). Sometimes I realise I’m not going to get anything more out of the game by getting annoyed at this and so just watch the ending online. I came to the realisation that that’s not “wrong” and I shouldn’t worry about it.

Ideally, there are cheats and so a brief spike of difficulty does not block you as you can type in the magical incantation and effectively skip the test. Because the game is more than the test you’re currently struggling on.


If you really want to push through, podcasts are your friend in this situation! Queue up a couple episodes of something and it will make the time fly! History podcasts are good for this sort of thing.

But really, if you want to move on, there is nothing wrong with watching the end online. Many older games have a final boss problem where the difficulty ramps up ridiculously at the very end. Sometimes I don’t want to deal with that and just bounce. That’s fine too.


I’ve abandoned a few games where the boss battle seemed unnecessarily tedious. I typically will push through but every once in a while I’ll just let it go. Game endings have generally never really delivered for me and if I have to slog through something too difficult or long for its own good there isn’t much value in going through with it.
Bosses don’t seem to be a necessity in every genre yet they appear in nearly every game.


Not sure if this is an option in your case but in recent years I’ve become pretty big on just bumping the difficulty down as soon as I start feeling like my enjoyment of the game is waning because of how hard it is. I did it for the Witcher 3 DLC and Wolfenstein II recently and it allowed me to actually focus on the story and characters that I was super into and not the frustrating final boss fights (both of these had them). There’s no shame in it, and there’s also no shame in just walking away from a game that you’ve had your fill of. I cherish the increasingly limited free time I have and don’t need to spend it pulling my hair out and stressing about some guy who one-hits you if you look at him wrong. If you don’t want to finish it then don’t, there’s other stuff out there waiting to offer a more fun experience.


I just remembered this game actually has an Easy Mode. I’m gonna try. Thanks.


In your exact situation? I would try to copy the strategy speedrunners use, which pretty much by definition ends the fight quickly without a bunch of time consuming prep work.

Easy mode is a totally valid solution though.


I’ve had this happen several times, and after a good college try (several hours probably) I’m fine just watching the ending on YouTube and putting the game away.


I loved FF13-2, it was easy all the way through but the final boss seemed a good challenge that took me a few tries. I also loved the final boss theme so it didn’t bother me at all.

I think the best you can do is get an extremely strong monster friend for your third slot, which would be relatively easy and not time-consuming as they are easy to get.

Personally when I spend enough hours to get to the final boss, I am usually ready to tackle the final boss whatever it takes. It can get tedious sometimes if they are overly difficult.


This was exactly what I did. Thanks a lot to you and everyone else who adviced :slight_smile:


I hate leaving games hanging, so I’ll bust down the difficulty if need be. For example, I could not beat the satellite level on 007 difficulty in Goldeneye - Trevelyan was a bullet sponge and there’s dozens of henchmen to fight alongside him. I just could not hack it.

At some point- about 50 attempts in, I believe-I dropped the difficulty down a notch and beat the level. I didn’t feel good about it, but I got some closure.


I’ll bust difficulty right the fuck down. I did it in Prey after the game moved the goalposts on me during a data upload and flooded the station with high-damage, constantly respawning enemies that were difficult to deal with for my character build. There comes a point, especially in games where narrative is a focus, where finishing is more important than being able to say you beat the game on Normal/Hard/Nightmare.


I long ago discarded any pride around difficulty, I’ll bust that down in a heartbeat if I feel like I’m wasting my time. Not that I don’t enjoy a challenge, I mashed my head against the wall learning to fight Lynels, and I wouldn’t have touched a difficulty option on there to reduce that (I’d even make them harder if I didn’t have to start the whole game again to do it), but if it feels like it’s just a grind and I’m not getting anything out of it, I will happily put it on chill mode.

Side note: who remembers the ending to Fable 2? That one may have been too easy.


What do I do? Well, I turn off Breath of the Wild.

That’s a very good joke. But frankly, if it is a final boss and I’m real stuck? Just watch that ending cinematic video on the YouTube and call it a day. I feel that this has already been said but life is too short for this.


I ideally just stop playing the game. I’ve already seen most of it and now that I have a lot of games available to me as an adult that are asking for my attention, spending too much time and energy finishing off a bad-tough one doesn’t carry as much of a satisfying feeling.

Remove big final boss battles from games unless you have a truly good idea, IMO. There are other ways to test what the player has learned.


Halo 2’s boss fight on Legendary… could never get passed that dude!