What do you do while listening to podcasts?

I listen to a lot of podcasts, but can’t just sit down and listen to a thing- I have to be doing something simultaneously. I like walking and mindless games, but sometimes run out of things to do.

What do you guys do while listening to podcasts? Any recommendations of easy-to-start mindless hobbies, or low engagement casual games like tetris or 2048? Personally I recommend floating point as a lesser known, new take on that sort of game. What stuff do you guys do?


90% of the time I’m driving (alone, anyway) I listen to podcasts. That’s the majority of my podcast time, too. The rest is just while doing housework or cooking. I always have to feel like I’m doing something productive while listening to a podcast or music, I don’t ever just lounge on the couch and put on an episode.


I generally listen while I’m doing the dishes, but recently Stellaris has been a good way to engage with something while I’m trying to catch up on FaTT. I also listen when I take my dog for a walk.


I’m either cleaning or driving. I used to listen to comedy podcasts on the train but laughing uncontrollably on public transportation feels, I don’t know, rude?


I get most of my podcast listening done while driving. It depends ultimately on the amount of attention the podcast requires, but for me, driving is the perfect means.

I also listen a lot while cooking, doing laundry or dishes or any chores, or doing make-up/grooming or whatever. Anything that’s relatively menial that doesn’t require me to create anything new or interact with other people!

I’ve wondered more often lately if it’d be worth investing in a fidget cube for when I’m just relaxing and trying to listen to a podcast. Has anyone tried this?


i listen to podcasts on my walk to work for the most part. i’m not great at multitasking. i can listen while playing the easy parts of stellaris but have to pause when Shit Gets Real


I normally listen while walking or driving, or doing busywork, but one thing I’ve really fallen into recently is drawing city maps (mostly for my Dungeon World game). It can take a really long time to draw in blocks and roads, and it’s just the right amount of mind-less-ness for podcasts.

Playing computer games, preferably casual multiplayer ones I don’t really have to think about. My game of choice right now is Overwatch.

Washing dishes, doing laundry, mindless processes at work, my daily commute… basically anytime I can fit in a little (but not too much of a) distraction, insert podcast.

I’ve tried gaming while listening, but it doesn’t work for me outside of some mobile games. I need the original soundtrack.

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Do you also end up naming all of your cities/people/ships/whatever after The Golden Branch Sector or Hieron?

I can’t program while doing it so when I listen to podcasts at work it’s a good bet that I’m not working.

Otherwise I generally listen to them on my commute, when I’m tidying, and while playing Stardew or Stellaris.


Driving to/from work, doing dishes, pooping, playing games that are light on store and have less-than-dope soundtracks (recently Binding of Isaac, Disc Jam, Persona 5 dungeon grinding).

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At the moment all of my transportation is walking, but I totally get feeling pretttty weird about just walking down the street laughing lmao. I end up looking at my phone pretending im reading a text or something to justify why i’m laughing


I work at a woodshop which means a lot of repetitive tasks, so podcasts are my preferred way to get through a shift, and my commute is about half an hour so they’re good for that too. I burn through a lot of my podcasts at work so I tend to listen to music at home when I’m just killing time, and Rocket League is my #1 thing to play while just zoning out to some tunes.

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Driving, dishes, cooking, more menial tasks at work, and especially grinding in games. Being able to listen to a podcast makes it easier for me to justify the time I spend grinding for levels. I’ve been doing this for Dark Souls and the Witcher 1 to name a few.

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Oh god, the number of times I’ve been walking to work with a big smile and made eye contact with a stranger is higher than it has any right being. I think I make it worse by immediately panicking and trying to nonchalantly make it obvious why I would be smiling right then.

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Oh, I don’t know why I haven’t thought about that. I was trying to come up with a better name than Sirius Prime for the game I started last night right when Austin was trying to come with a name for one of the domes. Perfect opportunity and I wasted it.

In the car. I like to listen to podcasts on the way home from work, and on my lunch break.

Recently I’ve been listening to podcasts WHILE working but it’s been annoying when I have to pause it to talk on the phone or really think about something. But it works magic during more menial tasks.

I’ve got nearly 300 hours of TrackMania² Stadium under my belt just from listening to podcasts and mindlessly running tracks.

The week after I started doing it without thinking, Austin described his Stellaris game on the Beastcast and, big surprise, his planets were named the same as mine!