What do you do while listening to podcasts?


Mindless chores, mostly. Vacuuming, laundry, general cleaning, etc.

I used to listen to tons while driving to work, but now that I take the train, I don’t wind up fitting many in. My time on the train is spent on full-attention stuff (reading, writing, games, etc), and I don’t have too many half-attention activities beyond chores that work well with podcasts. I definitely understand not being comfortable devoting time purely to podcasts.

The only games that work well as podcast games for me are ones that are truly mindless. Running around in No Man’s Sky, doing side objective cleanup in Ubisoft games, etc. Anything with dialogue or skill involved (unfortunately including like 99% of multiplayer games) immediately tune out podcasts in my head.


I did slowly. By that I mean I sit at work.


I either listen while driving alone or while at work. Having 10 hours to yourself is a huge void to fill with podcasts and music.


I got really into podcasts for the first time while grinding in Persona 3. My work is sound-based, so I can’t listen to them during that. If I don’t have a game to play silently, I plan long walks or go get a meal at a restaurant where I don’t feel rude having headphones in.


Driving, working, doing dishes, playing Puyo Puyo Tetris. I listen to ~ 25 hours of podcasts a week so they kind of are more or less my soundtrack.


TM2 is a big one for me as well but almost all my playtime has been on the Giant Bomb server so I’m usually listening to that sick soundtrack instead.


Cleaning! The combo of podcasting and cleaning is one of my favorite way to spend my free time (helps that I realllllly like to clean) and something I did on the job when I worked as a part-time custodian.


Cooking and commuting are the main ones. I will listen to a podcast while I’m falling asleep if my anxiety is bad that night, since it distracts me from my thoughts. If I’m just playing a casual game, I might listen to a podcast during Civilization VI, Stellaris, or Crusader Kings II - after 400+ hours in those games, I get a little sick of the same 6-10 songs that tend to play.

Last month, I caught up on a bit of a backlog while grinding rupees in Breath of the Wild. I wanted enough to unlock all of the Great Fairies, so I was gambling for about three hours.


I try to make sure I’m either exercising or at that job thing I do. I have a lot of hours I need to fill with not thinking and I can’t afford to waste the distracting time of a podcast.


I’m either at work or grinding in an MMO or something like that.


My primary podcast times are commuting, doing chores, getting ready for bed, or sometimes at work if I’m working on programming something that doesn’t involve learning anything new. I also occasionally listen while playing games, but generally only if it’s mindless tasks, light on story, and/or music I don’t care for. Lately game-wise I’ve been listening to podcasts any time I go to Mementos in Persona 5.


I would like to think I can do any kind of task with a podcast on in the background, but really the only time I seem to want to listen to them is by going for a walk.

but I also don’t listen to that many, so it’s like I’m just taking some me time or something.


Ideally I just sit out on the deck and look at the trees (and the bit of NYC skyline I can see).

For FatT I’m usually playing No Man’s Sky which is probably my favorite “podcast game.”

And baking. Baking and listening is one of my few remaining pure joys.


Clean mostly, or if I need to grind in an rpg ill thrown one on and that makes the process a whole lot less painful.


It depends on the podcast. If I’m listening to something that I doesn’t require all of my focus, like Woodland Secrets or History Honeys, then I’ll listen to it while gaming. If it’s something that does require all of my focus (i.e., an actual play podcast like like Six Feats Under or Friends at the Table), then I’ll listen to it on the train or while out walking.


Walks to work, laundry, dishwashing, sometimes coding though I’ll often have to pause to think


I do a reasonable amount of walking (that great commuting engine) and generally prefer to feed myself ideas until the moment I lose consciousness at night (insomnia means I’m not ruining my sleep by listening to podcasts, it doesn’t appear to significantly change how long it takes to fall asleep). So I get a decent amount of podcasting from that and also from doing housework and cooking each day - if you’ve not got a cheapo speaker to listen to podcasts in the kitchen then you’re missing out on the heritage from our foremothers of turning the radio on to cook.

I also have been slowly increasing the speed of playback for podcasts. Some involve people speaking slower than others but at this point I rarely listen to a podcast slower than double speed. I started out only pushing them up to 1.33x but over time have been ramping it up until I find the new threshold where the words start to blur and I can’t keep up with the ideas. It also means I now have a very weird idea of what “normal” sounds like for things like musical jingles in podcasts as I’m just used to them sped up. But that certainly helps increase how many podcasts I can slot into the same amount of time and prevents getting bored as the ideas are coming at you much faster. (I am assuming that as audiobooks and podcasting apps often have speed controls that this is something lots of people do.)


I feel like I want to try this, but as much as it seems like stellaris is a wait and see kind of game, there’s always something that I need to deal with? (I’m only on my second game, having picked it up recently, and play on fastest speed, pausing whenever an event comes up, maybe I’m doing it wrong) I’m almost afraid listening to something would completely derail me.

Also I second the people saying driving and cleaning. I love the podcasts I listen to but I can only really listen to them when I’m driving or cleaning the house.


When I was painting warhammer minis, it was the ideal “occupy my brain while my hands do stuff” thing–these days, I more often listen while on the bus or while cooking. I find listening to podcasts occupies me mentally so trying to do something cerebral, like write or read, is doomed to fight over the same mental bandwidth, but if you’re using your body in physical space, it makes the time pass much more smoothly and feels more productive. Some video games are “tune out and listen to podcasts while on the grind” enough, but a good number where you have to engage and pay attention tread that line of me losing track of what’s going on in the podcast or the like.


I usually play one of a handful of game like Spelunky or Cities Skylines where the sound isn’t an enormous part or I hit up Gamejolt or itch.io and play through some stuff like that. sorry music designers for indie games…