What do you do while listening to podcasts?


I often miss huge swathes of podcast if I do anything too taxing but I can normally listen while walking, cooking, eating or washing up. Euro Truck Simulator, Minecraft and Stardew Valley are good podcast games.


I run dungeons and raids in FFXIV, usually 24-mans like Dun Scaith or Cloud of Darkness. That, or I’ll play an easy to pick up and out down rogue-like, like DCSS or Isaac.

I listen to some of them on the bus, like shorter ones, but FatT is actually longer than my commute so it doesn’t always work.


I listen anytime I’m doing housework, cooking, walking, driving (alone). Anything that is physical white noise. For some reason its replaced music, probably because the activities are so automatic after the decades of doing them. Or because children and ritual housework have turned my brain to mush, and I no longer use the time to think deep thoughts.
Too close to call, really.


I always do it while I’m working out. If I ever quit exercising early, it’s always because I’m bored and rarely because I’m tired, so podcasts do a lot to set the pace for me with that.


I often listen to podcasts while drawing comics, but I’ve found that I can’t listen to something more narrative focused like Friends at the Table because it splits my attention too much (I lose my place or have to rewind because I missed something important) , while something like Waypoint Radio or the Bombcast is fine. Once I get to something more mechanical like digital coloring I can listen to whatever though.


Either working or driving. If I find a good podcast game I’ll listen while playing. Lately that’s been BotW, Nioh, and non-story missions in Horizon Zero Dawn.


I listen while working or while at the gym. If I’m at home and it’s something I feel like I need to listen to right now I’ll play Sonic 3 and Knuckles while listening. No other games. Not either game individually. Sonic 3 & Knuckles.


They’re really good for exercise, for me–being able to focus on podcast conversations helps me focus less on the effort and the amount of time it’s taking.


I just lay in bed helf-asleep and sometimes i play Persona 5 also.


Working overnights alone is the time I spend most of my time listening to podcasts. Driving of course is a great time for me to take a dip. Honestly, the dilemma I’ve had recently is I seem to be neglecting discovering new music or even enjoying the music I already dig. Keeping up with so many podcasts as I do has enveloped most of my day.


I’d say most of the time it has been when I’ve been driving from or to campus. I live an hour from home. And the times I have hit traffic I can fit two or one and a half episodes into a car ride.

I am behind like two weeks of Waypoint Radio though. Usually when that happens I listen while I’m playing Overwatch or working on homework.


I listen to it basically doing everything. Doing exercise, in the bus, eating, walking, playing video games. As long I’m alone and I don’t have to read/listen to anything.

Rogue likes are my favorite type of games to listen to. I put tons of hours playing Rogue Legacy, Binding of Isaac, now Flinthook while listening to podcasts. Open-world games are also great. I explored most of Hyrule in Breath of the Wild while to listening to all kinds of podcasts. In every Ubisoft The Game the first thing I do when the world open is to climb all the towers - I LOVE CLIMBING TOWERS - listening to podcasts.

I can’t do anything while listening to “story telling” podcasts, such as Actual Plays RPGs, Welcome to Night Vale, S-Town, Serial and the likes


I’m an artist, so any long stretches in which the work is more mechanical than thoughtful, it’s podcast time. I also listen while doing chores, while at work (though any sort of comedy podcast = me trying so, so hard not to laugh maniacally), and while playing certain videogames. MMOs, creative sandboxes like The Sims or Tycoon games, are the kind of games that I’ll turn a podcast on for.


What don’t I do. Drive, shopping in town, working if I am solo in the office, feed my newborn, go out running, chores, play on the Switch. Probably some other stuff I am forgetting. Podcasts are my version of multi-tasking.


Work (software dev) or Rocket League!


I can barely work while listening to music with lyrics sometimes. I can’t imagine listening to (or retaining) anything from a podcast while I was programming.


Mostly driving, but I’ve recently been listening to a lot of pods while playing Diablo 3, just engaging enough to keep my hands busy but not so much that I get distracted from wha I’m listening to


As a lot of folks have mentioned, chores are a great podcast accompaniment. I also listen a lot while cooking or walking, with the latter making up the bulk of my listening time, if I had to estimate.


Washing up/cleaning, but also going shopping/on walks is great podcast accompaniment. I wish I had more time to just take a walk out with a new episode.


I usually listen to podcasts while drawing, or I listen to them in bed before I go to sleep (and consequently also fall asleep while listening to them).