What do you do while listening to podcasts?


Mostly it’s commuting. But I’ve started putting a podcast on when I have housework to do like washing up or whatever, and also sometimes in the background if I’m playing a game just casually and don’t need to be paying much attention to the audio.


I almost only listen to podcasts while working at the office, and when commuting to and from the office. Occasionally I’ll listen while playing games, but generally my go-to multitasking when playing games is to have a Giant Bomb or Waypoint video playing on my Chromebook.


I had this same problem so I bought a bunch of jigsaw puzzles off of Amazon. It’s perfect.


usually either work out (my gym workout is about the same length as an average podcast ep) or play monotonous games like WoW- really, any game where you can mute the audio and not be missing anything. in general anything that requires my eyes and/or hands but not my ears and/or brain. i tried writing while listening to podcasts for a while, didnt work out lmao


Can any of you work out to podcasts, I try to run with them but they often mess up my flow

Would save me so much multitask time if I could figure it out tho


I have a fairly long commute so podcasts are my lifeblood when I’m driving. I will also listen to podcasts while I’m doing chores around the house and while playing games that are not too narrative heavy.


Mostly while commuting on the train, but do like to take long walks while listening to podcasts as well.


Like most folks here my main podcast time is commuting, but I’ll also listen to podcasts while playing certain games where I feel like I don’t need sound like Unexplored or Spiral Knights. Another thing that goes super well with podcasts imo is gunpla. It’s something I can do with my hands and it requires a lot of attention so I can’t really watch stuff at the same time, so, podcasts!


10!10! is a good mobile game a bit like tetris which i like to play whilst i listen to stuff. also dots & co/two dots are both good as well. other that i listen to podcasts when i drive and when i tidy/do chores


Only ever when I’m walking to work, hence why I only listen to the Waypoint Podcast. I find it hard to listen to podcasts at home because I always get the nagging feeling that I could be reading instead. My desire to listen to more podcasts, however, has got me thinking of repurchasing No Man’s Sky which seems like the perfect podcast game.

I recently found out about S-Town, which I can’t wait to sit on the couch with a drink and listen to.


I spend several hours a week on public transport, so I do my podcast listening there. Probably why I’m in to longer podcasts most of the time, 'cuz I will burn through half-hour ones like nothing on those trains.

Otherwise, I’ll listen to podcasts while walking, cleaning or doing basic physical stuff.


Most of the time I’m on a subway, playing Zelda on my switch at the same time. Commutes are what podcasts were made for (they are this generation’s talk radio!)


My brain tends to lock onto things, so my prime podcast time is while I’m driving, running, or building gunpla. Basically anything I can do automatically and instinctively without having to concentrate too much.


Usually when I’m looking for something to do alongside a task that is boring and doesn’t need close attention:

  • at work, while doing non verbal tasks
  • at home, doing dishes or yard work
  • commuting
  • family friendly shows in the car with the kiddos
  • sometimes listen to comedy shows while playing click heavy or sports games


I do a bunch of my listening during my commute to and from work and while I’m there doing things that don’t require my entire attention. Then I generally listen while at the gym, cooking, and cleaning around the house.


Nothing. I can only commute while podcast listening. If I try to do any work or answer emails or literally anything, I miss huge chunks of the podcast. I’m a terrible multitasker.


I work as a delivery driver as one of my jobs, and it is honestly the best way to get a LOT of podcast-listening in. I’ve gone through the entirety of a couple podcasts just between deliveries.

  • Walking
  • Riding the Train
  • Cooking
  • Playing Hearthstone

I go through about 5 hours of podcasts a week, all told.


Can’t even fathom how you can play Hearthstone while listening to podcasts. My multitasking skills must be awful.


I’ve been playing HS regularly since it was in beta, so at this point most of my plays are rote. Sometimes I have to hit pause for arena drafts or particularly complicated plays though.