What do you do while listening to podcasts?


Fair. I’ve actually just returned after about a year and a half out and, god, I have some catching up to do.


The bulk of my podcast listening usually happens during my breaks at work. I’ll also listen to them while playing games, but it kinda has to the be the right kind of game; one where I can easily play sessions of an hour or more, isn’t too mentally taxing to play, and is generally light on story or the cutscenes/dialog are skippable in the cases where I don’t care about the story/have played the game before. Problem with that is that I don’t end up with the right game for that all the time. Breath of the Wild was pretty much perfect for this, but that game has finally run its course for me so now I need to find a new one.


Work, primarily. I work from home so it’s nice to have something a little more engaging than music to listen to while I do so.


Usually when I am at work or doing “simple” tasks like drawing. I sometimes throw some on while in bed, I like the background noise.


I listen while I’m on the bus or sometimes in the bath - my brain can’t focus on a podcast plus something else, so if I try to do anything that requires any actual attention, I’ll miss most of what’s going on in the show. I used to try to listen to podcasts at the gym and it didn’t go well. Also, I look really weird when I start laughing to myself for no obvious reason.


Like a lot of people have said, I do cleaning or cooking, but I also spend hours and hours playing Minecraft or RimWorld.


Driving, cooking, practicing an instrument, playing a video game in between dialogue bits, the list goes on.

This is actually the reason I fell off of Friends at the Table. I was always splitting my attention, and so I listened to every episode of counterweight and could not tell you the first thing about the plot. I kept forgetting one of the characters was a fish prince… or something.


I actually have a couple “podcast games” like Planet Coaster, Stardew Valley or a sports game.So pretty relaxing, non-immersive stuff. Friends at the table and building an amusement park is the best thing for a relaxed evening :smiley:


Last summer I actually loved playing pokemon go while listening. I lived in small sleepy city and was safe to completely space out. I’d still do it if I was somewhere that size again


I totally also keep a list of ‘podcast games’ specifically for this purpose, haha


Usually I’m driving, working, or biking (depending on how busy the paths are that day) while listening. I’ve tried to find good podcast games, but the only one that I could really play successfully while listening was FIFA.


90% of my listening is done at work, my commute’s way too short. Fortunately(?), most of my job keeps my hands and eyes busy but I’m alone in the workshop and very little of it requires my full mental focus.

If I’m drilling something out, it’s metal, trap or pop. otherwise, it’s all podcasts.

Sometimes work has a LOT of drilling and I fall behind, in which case I catch up while playing grand strats at home


When I discovered podcasts years ago, I listened exclusively at my office desk job. I can’t do that at my current job, so I’ve flipped and now listen while doing virtually everything else in my life. Except when I’m trying to read something for understanding, in which case multitasking fails horribly.


Yay that makes me feel less weird! :smile:


I have three categories of podcasts:

  1. Driving podcasts - this is for comedy podcasts or “story”-ish podcasts (Adventure Zone, Friends at the Table, etc). Podcasts that pass the time well but also keep me engaged!

  2. Gaming podcasts - these are ones I can kind of zone out on and not feel too bad, or podcasts where I want to pay attention while playing an otherwise kind of boring game (good for grind-y games, or turn based strategy)

  3. Sleeping podcasts! This one will probably make me sound like a psycho, but I listen to a lot of podcasts while sleeping. I’ve also recently been taking melatonin, and one thing that I immediately noticed is that melatonin gives me some very very weird and sometimes lucid dreams. I usually listen to podcasts here that are interesting but chill and positive.

Sometimes the sleeping podcasts get weird - I listen to the Waypoint podcast almost exclusively while sleeping and last night in my dream Austin was absolutely grilling me for names for the new podcast, I kept coming up with the names he already ruled out and he just kept getting angry because I should have known better from the dream the night before?

The melatonin really screws with the dreams in a weird way so that I’m dreaming about something I’m hearing on a podcast and then I kind of insert myself into the conversation and my brain tunes the podcast out.

oh, also podcasts are great while flying too


i listen while working, i get a lot of time just doing menial tasks so it helps


I’m either driving to and from work, laying in bed, sometimes to sleep or playing a video game that doesn’t require sound (usually a sports game honestly).


I drive for a living so I listen to about 4-7 hours of podcasts a day depending on how busy I am. Also I cannot do mundane chores around the house without listening to a podcast.


I commute. I can’t do much while I listen, as I find I lose track of discussions if I do. Sometimes I might pop my headphones in for a bit before I go to sleep to help me wind down.


Walking (either generally or, most frequently, to the supermarket), cooking, and eating are the main things. Sometimes I’ll play a fairly low-intensity part of a game, but oftentimes I find I miss bits and have to skip back if the game requires some thought, so I tend to avoid that for the most part. If the opportunity arises in a game, I’ll stick on whatever I’m currently listening to, though - most recently I threw one on for an hour or so while farming Mr Shakedown in Yakuza 0’s endgame.

Those top three are definitely the main things, though. I walk, cook, and eat every day, so there’s always podcast time.