What do you do while listening to podcasts?


My job.

I write SQL all day so it gets me through


I usually listen to them at work, looking at plastic for 40 hours a week gets boring,listening to video game ones get me so hyped to play games I also listen to them while doing stuff around the house.


Clean, drive, ride bus/train, sit, stare, lay next to the washing machine on gentle cycle, walk, stand, record my own podcast, research podcasts, write books about podcasts, sell podcasts on the open market, feed birds, feed the elderly, feed birds to the elderly, feed the elderly to myself, pace, print articles about heart disease and mail them to people in the phone book, organize my television collection, and Tae Bo (but only with Billy Blanks).


I generally listen to them when walking to work, and on longer drives. Most of the time I listen to them when playing games. Specifically games without a great deal of music. I dumped a lot of time into Breath of the Wild by listening to Waypoint Radio and the Beastcast. I’ve been trying to listen to stuff while playing Nier, but it’s hard to because that game has such a great soundtrack.


NYC resident here, my podcast time is during my train commutes. Roughly 2-3 hours of my day are on a subway so I get to burn through a lot of podcasts in a week.


The question is kind of the other way round to me, as I do everything while listening to podcasts. I deal with anxiety and have ear issues (don’t you dare compare me to that new Edgar Wright film…) so I do everything with a podcast going.
Even while I’m walking around, or in a new country, I podcast. I always have old episodes of the Bombcast, NVC, Idle Thumbs, or something else lined up on my phone so it’s ready in case.

Oddly enough I only ever have crappy headphones…


It’s almost always when I’m driving. Where I am in rural Illinois, it’s a decent chunk of time to get just about anywhere. I’d like to listen when working on schoolwork, but have difficulty focusing on one or the other. If it’s one of my music podcasts I can run that in the background and work, though.

I’ll also play podcasts in the repetitious, grindy parts of games (usually something like Eve Online or Elite: Dangerous).


I throw freight and try not to get consumed by the dark thoughts :joy:


I drive, having bluetooth in my car stereo has been a god send. Since I moved digs, I live with less people so have more time and space to cook for myself, so I find this is becoming useful time to whittle down my podcast list.


Mostly it’s chores, commuting and sometimes while playing a single player game that doesn’t demand a lot of attention where background listening is possible.


Riding the train, exercising, doing dishes, taking walks. If i do it while playing games it’s something I’ve played before or grindy stuff where I don’t need to pay attention.


I am lucky enough that my job doesn’t require me to work without headphones, so I usually have podcasts going for my entire workday unless there’s something I really need to focus on, in which case I will put on music instead. On weekends I will have a podcast going while I do chores, run errands, and whenever I’m on a long hike or bike ride.

I’ll put it on while playing a game like Overwatch or Splatoon 2 as well.


I am used to listen podcasts while travelling or feeling rest


Destiny 2.

It’s a video game. You grind.


I gotta say, it was nice to race against GiantBombing’s drivatar in FH4 while listening to the 10-year anniversary podcast. I played a lot of Forza while listening to those guys over the years.


I’m lucky, in that my job mostly involves sitting in front of a computer typing, so most of the time I can listen to podcasts while I work. When I’m home… roguelites, roguelites, roguelites. I have a category in Steam called “Eternal,” with games like Binding of Isaac, FTL, Duskers, and Invisible Inc. that basically have infinite replay value.