What do you live for?


I’m having a time and struggling to find meaning. What keeps you going?

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I have struggled with depression for most of my life, so when I feel down I try to keep in mind that life is full of potential. I might not be in an amazing place at that moment but who knows what might be around the corner. I think people place too much emphasis on some grand meaning or work that we need to achieve, which leads to feeling this way. Having ambition or goals in life is good but it shouldn’t cost you your happiness. I find it is good to talk to someone in person when I am feeling this way. I know that not everyone has the luxury of a person that you can confide in, but if you do then I would suggest reaching out to them. If you need to talk feel free to message me. Hope you feel better dude.


Aside from my wife. I focus on everything that needs to be done, in the micro and macro. There’s always something to be made better and if I can I will pursue it.

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I try to always be learning something or teaching someone else.

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Crush your enemies.

See them driven before you.

Hear the lamentations of the - GENDER UNDEFINED -


first: Sorry OP, that sucks :(. I’ve been there.

second: The easiest thing to hold onto, for me, is media. When I’m at my lowest, I can always grab onto the reminder that there’s another half season of Arrow I have to watch, or The Good Place comes back in a few months, or that if I hold on a few days more I get to hear about how Austin and the gang feel about a new game or film.

It might feel low, but if something keeps you afloat until you can find a more concrete way to keep going it’s the highest thing in the world, imo.


I got a list of stuff I wanna experience before I go.

Even at my most miserable, I know if I go I’ll never get to get married or be a parent.


I recently read an excerpt from a Joseph Campbell book, with which I deeply identified. Perhaps you will get something from it. Campbell tells the story of a police officer who runs to save someone who is falling from a bridge. He catches the person and holds on - so tightly, in fact, that he himself is pulled over, too. The officer’s partner grabs him, and all three are pulled to safety.

Afterwards, the officer is asked by a local news crew, “why didn’t you let go? You nearly fell!”, to which the officer responds, “I just knew in that moment that if I let them go, I would never be able to live with myself.”

Campbell describes this as follows: “This is the breakthrough of a metaphysical realization that you and the other are one. And that the separateness is only an effect of the temporal forms of sensibility of time and space.”

When I abandoned my religious upbringing in my teens, I left behind questions of meaning as a presumed matter of association: there is no meaning if there is no intention behind our existence. We just are, and that’s fine, I suppose. And yet, I still found fulfillment in helping others. “Fulfillment” is an understatement, really. I am emotionally drowned by the experience. It’s unlike anything else. Why?

When I read this passage from Campbell’s book, it crystallized what I have felt all my life. My purpose - our purpose - is to help others. We are a self-sustaining network, and in helping others, we help ourselves. We often (OFTEN) find ourselves wrapped up in trying to harm one another, but, to put it super simply, how empathetic we are towards others - or how frightened we are of others - is only ever a direct extension of how broadly we define the self.

I hope this helps.


Be strong and crush your enemies! Crush them into the ground! Grind their bones into dust!


Honestly? Knowing I can make an impact on someone’s life in a positive way. Maybe it’s not always a huge impact but making someone else happy makes me happy.

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This isn’t advice, just my personal answer because my depression recently leveled up to include CW:occasional suicidal thoughts.

I want to be a teacher. I even was a teacher for a year and a half before the school let me go. Before that I worked as a substitute for two years and now I’m in my fifth total year of substitute teaching. I never imagined when I graduated 6 years ago that I would still be looking for a permanent position somewhere.

What I live for is walking into a school and hearing “Mr. Krikitarmy! Who are you here for?” Because even though the administration won’t hire me, the kids are excited to see me. On my worst nights, I don’t think about my dog, or my girlfriend, or my parents. I think about the kids who say they wish I could take over for their current teacher.

I know it’s not healthy to rely on external validation, but so many other parts of my life aren’t going as planned. It feels nice to have a kid tell me they like me.

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Pleasure. I want to keep experiencing new and exciting things, seeing beautiful sights, playing fun games, eating delicious food, drinking yummy drinks and enjoying pleasures of the flesh.


To live my life like a badass wizard that you’d see on the side of a panel van