What do you think about 'Erica'?

So Erica just got added to PS now so I gave it a spin. I was super excited because turns out I had it mixed up with ‘Eliza’ (damn you dyslexia). I don’t remember hearing much about it when it came out but clearly its trying something a bit different, so wondering what people thought of it.

Personally, it didn’t work for me at all. It just dove headfirst into so many antipsychiatry tropes. It felt like the writers had seen clockwork orange and a few episodes of Luther and figured thats counts for background research. All the depictions of mental health were flimsy as best and dangerous at worst.
Also at the end I had pretty much not bought into the supposed conspiracy at all because I really hadn’t seen anything indicating anything other than Greene acting as a lone murderer. Yet, the game acted as if there was some tough choice about whether or not to kill the head of the hospital unprovoked, which left me feeling like the game tries to suddenly push the idea of a dangerous conspiracy but without really doing any of the work to make it a reasonable theory by the end of the game.
Wondering if another playthrough is worth it to see if it works better but not sure I can bring myself to.