What do you think on this price?


So here’s the situation. I was hanging out with my cousin, wandering around town a couple weeks ago when he wanted to stop by a second hand clothing store. Figured, whatever I’ll join him, maybe something cool is in there. Didn’t make it 10ft in when I saw a glass case with a bunch of small items in it. It also had a SNES in it and a bunch of games. Started looking through the games and realized that those carts look wierd? Oh shit, there Super Famicom carts. Oh shit, that’s a Super Famicom.

The place is selling a Super Famicom lot of I want to say 10 or 20 games and the system for 200-300 bucks. Can’t remember all the games but one was a DBZ game, I think and hope it’s that adventure game that plays by cards and goes through the Friza Saga. I’m not sure if it’s still there but I figured if it is… Is 200-300$ a good price for this? Thought the Elder Mind of Waypoint might be able to help me on this.


Unless there’s something ridiculously rare in that set, 200-300 is a bit much. (I’m assuming you’re American or Canadian here) The Super Famicom console itself only goes for $30-50 if you aren’t looking for a pristine/boxed system.

SNES & N64 stuff is in a massive pricing bubble right now, and the release of the SNES Classic probably jacked up that bundle’s price even further. Goodwill and secondhand/consignment shops are notorious for that kind of thing, and they’re a massive pain to haggle with, if you can haggle with them at all. Without a picture of the games, just going off of the other bundles I’ve seen over the years at that price range, I’d be willing to bet half of those carts are sports or mahjongg games (and it’s really hard to tell if something is a mahjongg game at a glance).

What you could do if they still have it is snap some pictures of the games & check them out on eBay, factor in shipping for everything, and then you’d have a rough idea of what to do.

Here’s something you can take advantage of with the SFC, regardless of what you decide to do: Compared to the SNES, SFC games are cheaper in general. The majority of non-Nintendo releases should be priced in the $5-10 range if you’re dealing with someone who isn’t trying to ride the SNES nostalgia gravy train. That DBZ game you mentioned is like $6 on eBay for a loose copy or $20 for a boxed copy. So if you get an SFC from someone on eBay, Craigslist, or a shop that actually prices stuff fairly, you’ll come out ahead!


My understanding is that SNES collecting has gotten pretty expensive in the last 2-3 years. But that’s also for North American SNES games, as I recall. There used to be a time where you could buy a lot of Super Famicom carts on Ebay for $30-$50 and get like a hundred random games. (I haven’t been keeping close track on that stuff, though)

Still, if it’s $200 for 20 games, that comes out to about ten bucks each. Plus a system to play them on. That seems pretty reasonable to me. I know your estimates are a little more fuzzy than that, but I dunno, I don’t think it sounds like the worst deal in the world, if you feel comfortable spending that much.


I’m going to run down there in a bit to see if it’s still there. And get a better idea. I’m running on a 2 week time difference of when I first saw it, so I’ll get updated info. I do think there was at least one Final Fantasy game, think it was 6, bit if there was two the 5 and 6. It I remember right, isn’t 4 and NES game.

It’s still there, and I’m guessing it’s been there a while cause it was 300 and now 200. Asked if it was the best price and they said 175. It’s a lot of 25 games and did a quick scan, the DBZ game, 2 FF games(6 and I was wrong about 4 thats what it is) at least 1 street Fighter, and a squaresoft rpg with a 2 in it. It has alot of grass on the logo, hoping it’s Secret of Mana.


That miiight be worth it then, depending on how much you feel like dealing with shipping from Japan if you don’t get it. 175 is still up there, but it’s far better than 300. FF4-6 run about $10 each max for a loose cart, the Mana games (and yeah, that’s most likely Seiken Densetsu 2 you saw) are pretty darn cheap, too.

It honestly comes down to the convenience factor at this point.


So I’m weighing my options. On one hand a SFamicom with 25 games, most I don’t know what they are. On the other an SNES Mini that may or may not be in stock long enough for me to get.

I somewhat jest, but I do want to go to Japan some day and if I go, I want to bring back some games, some being SNES ones. I could get a retron 3… They play both regions, but the novelty of having a Famicom is really awesome. I need to figure out what those other games are I think. And see if my stores in town get there shipment of minis in tomorrow since they missed today.