What Do You Think The Question Bucket Looks Like


Please share your designs, previz’s and any and all blueprints of how you envision the Waypoint Radio question bucket.


The first thing that popped into my head was an ancient meme and now its stuck.


hopefully this is clear, I tried to be as precise as possible




I imagine the question bucket as having been a relatively normal pail once, but as more and more questions have poured into it, it has evolved, slowly morphing and growing in an attempt to hold in all of the very pressing questions that the waypoint audience has for the waypoint crew. At one point it was a barrel, but even then it was filled, to the point of almost bursting, with questions trying to escape its maw. I imagine at this point the question bucket is more akin to the cargo of a tanker truck, driven by Austin and the rest of the crew, all desperately trying to find a place to unload all of their questions…


I imagine it to be one of these big indoor water park buckets

and they have to walk to the top of the roof to put stuff in, and eventually, one day, all the questions will tumble out upon us, either killing us all or infecting us with more knowledge than ever believed to be feasible


I imagine it as the promise land. First they must go through limbo, Austin’s inbox. Guess it’s important to put question in the title.
With older questions at lower stratas


it seems like something that could stand to be curated- not that it isn’t nice to get responses but it seems a bit silly to be answering questions about specific things that are directed to the original duo lineup and may be a bit out of date.

if there was some sort of voting mechanism (now that you have these forums) that could be interesting


A janitorial pail? Can’t say why exactly, that’s just always what comes to my mind when I hear it. No mop either, just a pail that you can’t quite see into but you know there’s some murky business happening inside.


It’s a vase from the Ming dynasty with an eldritch being living at the bottom whose entire purpose is to shout ‘You call that a question?!’ but since it doesn’t have vocal cords it just invades your alpha waves and forgets what it was on about, giving you a mild itch in the process


This was brought up on the podcast yesterday and I imagined it as a futuristic canister that requires gloves or tongs to pull out questions. I think it’s because of the ritual of requesting a number and having it specifically pulled out in a way you wouldn’t get from rummaging in a bucket.


It’s one of those vats that melted down Tranformers that was in Unicron’s stomach in the old cartoon movie.


No joke: I’ve always pictured it as a huge cast iron cauldron filled to the brim with little slips of paper.


I imagine it as a plastic bucket with a white label with ‘question bucket’ written on it.

The question bucket is humble.


I haven’t seen this much effort to imagine a figurative container since therapy.


Bloodborne spoilers

(It was a while since i played Bloodborne so im not that good on the whole lore/story stuff)
I imagine that it is like that one godlike creature that has no physical form but exists trough sound, smell and any other form except for physical. it more or less is a metaphysical god of sorts.


Every time a question is drawn from the bucket, they must wrestle a protective walrus.


IIRC, that was Oedon.


pretty much my take