What does "get norded" mean?


I’m listening to the E3 podcasts and they keep talking about things getting “norded” and I’m rather out of the loop on what this is and Google isn’t helping me much either.


“Aqua got Norted”

Aqua, one of the protagonists of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, is hinted to be possesed by the antagonist Xenort ('norted) at the end of the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer. Apparently it’s a phrase going around the fandom, but idk where it’s from. I’ve only heard it on the podcast tho


Thanks! I now understand the jokes and japes :slight_smile:


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I’m not gonna lie I kept hearing people say this on podcasts and stuff but thought they were saying “noided” and thought it was in some roundabout way a death grips reference. The real truth is much worse


norted. norted.

KH on my timeline.

E3 footage

Aqua norted

E3 footage



Norted was a semi-common/semi-uncommon term used in the KH fanbase to refer to whenever a character got possessed by the antagonist of the series, Xehanort, something which happens decently often.

I think this originated from people commonly shortening “Terra-Xehanort” (that is, the official name for the character Terra, under possession by Xehanort) as “Terranort”, thus the process of the possession came to be known as norting, but I could be wrong.

It’s currently going around because of the E3 trailers getting people talking about norting, and then people laughing about how kinda silly the word norted sounds.


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Out of anything Kingdom Hearts related, this makes the most sense


It’s when you get called a milk drinker for no reason.


my son is also named xehanort



I thought it was a shortening of Nordstrom and implied the person was wearing something that looked like it was from there…

E.g. “Damn did you see what Dave was wearing today? Dude got norded”


Thanks for making the thread, and the answers, I had no idea what they were talking about. I find that this is unfortunately something Waypoint is prone to, it can get hard to follow all the conversations on the podcast at times if you’re not on twitter and watching all their streams (I presume that’s where some of the in-talk originates).


mate it’s hard to explain mate it’s just like one day you’ll just be wif your mates having a look in jd and you might fancy paopu fruit at the islands but your lad Riku who’s an absolute ledge and the archbishop of banterbury will be like ‘brevs lets get norded instead.” and you’ll think “Top. Let’s smash it.”


“getting Norded” is a common gaming colloquialism that refers to the act of buying Skyrim on every available platform



I had never seen this phrase until this E3 so I am half in the “oh, this is a fandom thing that has exploded into something else” and half “this is a very elaborate ruse to fool me, robowitch, into believing a false history”.


apparently xehanort is an anagram of either “no heart x” or “another x”

because of course it is


The nobodies (a type of monster of which Xehanort is a part of) are all named by their original name mixed up w/ an x thrown in, so Lea’s nobody is called Axel, etc. So the anagram would come out to No Heart / Another, rather than No Heart X. As to why Xehanort’s name isn’t based off his original name, I don’t think that anyone in this thread would be interested in reading the long explanation thereof.