What does "get norded" mean?


grant unto to me the deep kh lore


As someone who played 1 and 2 but never had the handhelds to play the others I would very much like to read a thread about the Kingdom Hearts lore or if you could point me in the right direction that would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Coincidentally this is the opening sentence of my Cosmic Horror novella


I don’t think there’s a thread here (or anywhere) for just plain old KH lore, but watching lets plays / walkthroughs of the handheld games would help, that or reading through the kingdom hearts wiki would probably help you cover the stuff which happened post-KH2. Could probably also find an upload of the story explanations that KH:DDD had.


Okay, I was kinda incorrect, even I’m pretty confused by all this. Xehanort isn’t a nobody, but by his own actions he essentially paved the way for the nobodies existence (don’t ask me how). This explains why his original name isn’t used for his nobody name, because Xehanort is his original name and he’s not a nobody, Xemnas is Xehanort’s nobody, as when he became a heartless/nobody he took the name Ansem. It’s a bit simpler than I was anticipating, but hey.

On the topic of getting Norted however, I bet everyone would love to hear about how (KH:DDD spoilers) Young Xehanort was granted time control powers by Ansem (Xehanort’s heartless). Young Xehanort then proceeded to gather 9 different versions of Xehanort from different times throughout his life (as well as some Organization 13 members, and Sora himself), in an attempt to fulfill a prophecy requiring 13 vessels of darkness to be assembled in order to awaken a special keyblade called the X-Blade. This attempted rebirth of Organization 13 is known as the True Organization or, among some fans, as Organization Nort-teen.