What does your username signify?


Inspired by this thread, I feel inclined to ask folks what their username means or how they chose it!

I’ve always been around the internet as “Mossy Toes”, which is a permutation on my name: Tomas -> Toe Moss -> Mossy Toes. Lately, that username has been feeling a bit… outgrown, to me, but there’s still a lot of my identity tied up in it, so I truncated the username when signing up to this new site where many usernames that have usually been snapped up already are still available.


it’s me
i’m super

um, it was the name I used to put on the high score boards of the game machines in the pub? it predates me hanging round on the internet. I didn’t use it for anything for years but I like it again now.


Lycaon was a legendary Greek king who ruled over Arcadia. According to legend, he wanted to test if Zeus was really omniscient, so he ground up some of his children and fed them to Zeus. Zeus then got mad and turned Lycaon into a wolf, which, frankly, seems like too lenient a punishment.

The real reason I use this name is because I think it looks cool. The neat story is just a bonus.


Metal Gear Solid name generator.


Augmental is my game tag on everything I play games on. Couldn’t get it on Twitter. Wanted to remain consistent here.

I just like the word and it’s meaning. Plus it shortens to Auggie, and that’s cute.


Lycaon’s a cool name with a cool story.

Pentar is from the D&D Planescape setting. She’s the leader of the entropy/decay faction (the Doomguard). I dunno, she’s neat and mean, I like her.


Mentioned on my thread, but this is just an anagram of my name, Peter Silk. I use it on most things, and it doesn’t really mean much, I just like the ring it has to it.

Sometimes I’ve thought of it as a misspelling of Kestrel Pie, sometimes I think of it as for some reason Pi is different for Kestrels. Sometimes I think that Pi is a designation for a particular Kestrel. Or sometimes I think it’s really “Kestrel, P.I.”

But really it’s just some syllables that I liked the sound of together and are linked to my real name.


Damn, Peter Silk is smooth. Just lean in to that!


It was a less ridiculous name than Pwee Master, the Steam name I used for years while playing Day of Defeat… One day I said to my bud: “I need a new name.” Randomly picked Twig. It’s stuck ever since. I quite like its simplicity.

I go Togglesworlh when Twig’s already taken, which has a real dumb origin. Old internet name: TheOneGuy. Shortened version: TOG. Jokey name in IRC: Togglesworthfordington III. Shortening of that: Togglesworth (and Toggles, but that’s not relevant). Signed up for Xbox Live, and wanted Togglesworth, but the t and l looked damn identical on that keyboard, so ended up with Togglesworlh. I… kinda liked it, so it’s become my secondary internet pseudonym.


My name online was Lavos for most games in the 90s/2000s. When I needed a Gamertag when I got an Xbox 360, it was obviously taken, so I went with TimeDevourer, the version of Lavos in Chrono Cross. Also taken. Well, how about Devourer of Time instead? Okay that’s good. Eventually it shortened to DoT and Devour from people not wanting to say the whole long name and then we’re here.


Jolly cooperation :sweat_smile:


I like my name, but I’m also very used to it, by now :slight_smile:


I go by Mr. Chlorophyll in video games. I was vacuuming on a Saturday morning and the tv was on a random channel and whatever Adam Sandler movie was on. Turned off the vacuum cleaner just as he said the line with “Mr. Chlorophyll” in it and found the word combination to be appealing. Also, figured the odds of the word “chlorophyll” being taken as a username were pretty slim.

And I like green? Plants are cool.


I like the phrase “Clairvoyant Vibrations”. Has a real “cellar door” kinda thing going on for me.

The whole phrase didn’t fit when I made my account here, so ClairvoyantVibes works just fine.


i love robot and tity


6 letters (short), can be pronounced (without too much ambiguity), not an existing word (that I knew of in 1995), has an abbreviation (not unique but occasionally someone refers to me as “Shiv”), “0 results” when searched for in 1995, continued to only show my activity for years (long enough for me to have checked Google in the earlier days and still be unique), felt “name-y” in 1994-1995 when I started using it for multiplayer games. Someone wrote a story in which a dragon was called Shivoa at some point and posted it online but that was the one blip I’ve found of independent usage while looking (this was a good 5+ years after I’d started using it consistently for all my online activity).

I’ve since reached the point where the sum of my online activity has swamped online searches and random web trawlers who spit out bits of online have started to regurgitate it, even if I did want to walk through 7000 results (which I don’t). Also there’s clearly nothing I could do if someone else started using it. But it’s something I still think of as a unique name (my birth name and current name are far from unique).


It sounds cool and is a clean break from previous web presences which I don’t use so much after some falling outs.


I like Marathon, and having a name people don’t know how to pronounce.

Pfhor is the alien race that you murder in Marathon, btw, it is pronounced just like the number 4.


It’s my name. I’m pretty happy with it.


I’m a microbiologist, Shewanella oneidensis is my favourite bacterial species. (It conducts electricity through an unknown mechanism and can produce its own from chemicals it consumes! It’s already been used to reduce energy usage in wastewater treatment by 70%!)