What 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' Has In Common With 'The Grudge'

There have been video game HD remasters for at least as long as HD has existed, updating dated graphics to standard times for new console generations. True remakes, where the original mechanics and structure have been changed as well, are rarer. With both Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 releasing in the past year, and Final Fantasy VII Remake around the corner, we seem to be entering a moment where remakes that fully update the mechanics of a classic game are becoming more common.

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disappointed that nobody mentioned Pacific Rim in the discussion of how to pronounce Mako


this game wasn’t really on my radar but austin’s galaxy brain take made me preorder it immediately


Austin’s take is basically screaming at me that this is actually FFVII Rebuild: You Can (Not) Reunion. And the chance that this game might actually be truly insane in a special way might overcome my utter hatred for the battle system in the demo.

I actually am the FFVII purist that Austin Walker is talking about. But I also really love insanity like that John Cena fight at Wrestlemania.


Patrick’s story about getting to the end of FF6 multiple times but not finishing it is really funny because going from what he said about being at a floating island, he was not actually at the end of the game! They make you think it’s gonna be the ending, so I get why he thought that, but there’s at least a dozen more hours of game to play after a huge twist in the plot occurs there. That would be a fun thing for him to discover now, but I’m guessing the likelihood of him revisiting a 25 year-old JRPG at this point in his life is pretty small.


Thinking about maybe fucking with the story Austin is implying, what does this mean for the big BIG twist in the FFVII story? (You know what I mean.) That could go good ways… or it could go in really stupid cheap ways. Imagine the most hack twist on it: Sephiroth kills Tifa instead of Aerith.

And as a FF fan for life, I can’t really trust Square Enix to not do that. They’ve been that stupid before. So now I’m worried. :confused:

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I ended up buying FF7 Remake and the older re-release after listening to this episode. Its dangerous to hear about great final fantasies when you’re in isolation.

I didn’t have a pc at the time capable of running it, but I remember buying a PC gaming magazine with FF7 on the cover (after playing it on the PS1) and being so impressed with the changes. Mouths! Eyebrows! Is it possible for games to look any better? Its nice that I finally get to play that version through the re-release. Austin mentioned it has a new translation - is that true? I assume its not a War of the Lions style overhaul.

Just a small correction for something in this episode: Mark Hamill does not appear to voice anyone in this game.

Anyone got a link to the FF7 lets play Austin mentioned watching? I looked it up at the time by the name he gave, and couldn’t find it…

I believe this was it https://youtu.be/2VjM-Clru8I

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I too was convinced that it was Mark Hamill, but apparently it’s Fred Tatasciore, who is an incredibly prolific and talented voice actor.

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Reminds me of how I and a few people thought Nick Valentine in FO4 was voiced by James Woods. Career voice actors have a surprising amount of range.

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I’ve never played FF7, but the second Austin said that Remake should be taken like a subtitle and not a descriptor, my ears perked up, and his galaxy-brain take made me 100% more interested in both the original and this new one.

I can’t think of any cases of the original creators being involved in remakes except for maybe the Pokémon game remakes that come out now and then. I think the ideal comparison is probably the EVA Rebuilds tho.

That said, I would be a bad Digimon stan if I didn’t mention that they are currently remaking the original Digimon Adventure anime, with the original characters, except in the modern day, and a plot that is differing in a few ways (it’s had 1 ep so far, so who knows). I don’t think there’s any creative overlap between the two, and it’s still a kid’s show, but I figured I’d mention it.

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I can’t think of any existing remakes to point to, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there will be parallels to the Nier Gestalt remake that’s on the way.

There’s not many descriptors I can hear that make me want to listen to something more than “Austin Walker galaxy brain take”


Speaking of voice actors how come no one’s mentioned Wedge is voiced by Badger from Breaking Bad?
Anywho as someone who’s never played the series it’s been interesting to jump in, the combat is fun and the story is very compelling. I feel like allusions to the later parts of the original story serve as intriguing mysteries than just nods to fans, and it works quite well, especially since a character like Sephiroth have almost this legendary presence about him.

Sadly since this is a game from 97 many people feel like it’s no problem to throw out post FF7:Remake spoilers in a twitch chat for all to see. It’s almost 23 years old, there’s a generation of gamers that have little to no experience with the game playing it for the first time.


My wife hasn’t played FF7 and is loving the remake, I am only telling her after sequences how the original differed.

I’m torn on whether to tell her one of clouds pained flashbacks isn’t “back” because I don’t know what that means.