What game are you playing?


Let’s talk games we are diving into. What game are you currently working on? New or old? Revisiting an old favorite or trying something new?

I’ve spent a ton of time the past few weeks playing PLAYERUNKOWN’S Battlegrounds. I am having a ton of fun.

Besides that, I’ve been whittling away at Breath of the Wild pretty consistently.


I’m currently early into Nier: Automata, doing a one life a day Shovel Knight run for my youtube channel, and picking at Dirt Rally with any time left over.


Currently messing around in Soul Calibur 2 and Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. When I get some extra cash I’m going to pick up Nier: Automata.


I am finally playing all of the way through Dark Souls 3 and I absolutely adore it. I was like 3 bosses from the end and then I decided to start on the DLC stuff.


Getting very close to beating Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir, will probably pick up Nier after I’m done.


Man I really should pick up Nier Automata soon… For now though I’m just replaying Spirit Tracks (it’s so good!!!) and also playing some Unexplored


I’m currently winding my way through Kentucky Route Zero. I’ve had it for literally years, but I just really got into it. It’s haunting and beautiful.

I’m also replaying Arkham Asylum for the billionth time, the true and correct best Batman game (and I look asconce at anyone who suggests the bloated City is better).

Once I get back home I’m going to get back to BoTW. Gotta get some more :heartbeat: containers to get that master sword and go fuck up Ganons shit


I desperately want to get into dark souls more. It has been really hard for me, though. I have a young kid and not a ton of time to devote to playing the same sections over and over.

Any suggestions for a newbie? To clarify, I’m currently a few hours into the first Dark Souls.


Currently it’s Yakuza Zero, but extremely slowly as I just ploughed through Nier Automata and Persona 5. I maybe need a shorter game to play, lol


Still trying to get through Persona 5. Only about 15 hours in so far, so I definitely got a long way to go.


I just finished Dark Souls for the first time. I fell into it pretty hard a few weeks ago and put in a lot of hours this month.

Dark Souls is pretty good, y’all.


Still on Persona 5, about 40 hours in.

Also can’t put down Zelda entirely yet, even though I technically finished it.
Just picked up Mario Kart 8 Deluxe too, someone should make a thread + Waypoint tournament :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m plugging away at Horizon: Zero Dawn. Got distracted with Thimbleweed Park, but now I’m back to taking down robot dinosaurs and trying to find more rope for my casters.


I’m about 40 hours deep into Persona 5 and my quest to make out with my teacher Kawakami. However I need a break from it so I started played Little Nightmares this weekend which I promptly finished.

Little Nightmares was a pretty good experience but I felt it was slightly too short and needed one additional chapter. Something about the transition from the 4th to 5th chapter to the end was a little abrupt.

Then right after I started Hollow Night which I’m kind of loving. It takes the right elements from Dark Soul and Metroidvania’s and combines them with a beautifully designed map. It’s super fun. But I hear it’s like 30 hours long so I don’t know if it was the right game to use as a pallet cleanser.


Do be sure to check out KRZ’s interstitial content if you haven’t! The one between Acts II and III is one of my favorite experiences with that game!


Totally been there with Dark Souls+small children combo, it’s tough since you can’t pause!

Make sure you try out all the different weapons to find what you like, they all have different move sets and can totally change your play style.

Be patient. It’s real easy to get over confident in an area you already know but that’s a sure-fire way to lose a huge bunch of souls. The same goes for bosses and hard enemies - be patient right until the end, resist the urge just to go for it when they’re low on health. More often than not, they’ll get you first.

On-topic - currently playing BATTLEGROUNDS and just got my first 2nd place game this afternoon. Super nerve-wracking, with the final 3 of us all on top of a small hill hiding behind cover. I think the 3rd place player got stuck outside the wall and died, winning player killed me just as I was shooting back. Got 3 or 4 hits in but they must have had really good armor. Tense but awesome.

Also trying out the latest Factorio update, right now just working on getting a railroad up and running to the nearest large oil field. Really like the changes so far!


Recently I finished breath of the wild and have moved on to Persona 5. It is my first Persona game but I am really ,enjoying it so far. I’ve heard that there are some pretty queer-phobic parts which I am not looking forward too, but I will cross that bridge when I get there. After this if I can scratch up the funds I think it will be time to finally check out Nier though I hope it’s not as sad as everyone says =P.


Persona 5. I’m about 80+ hours in and just started the 5th dungeon… I’ve done sooo much fusing.


I can’t stop playing Dark Souls 3. That game just feels very good to play and is great for listening to podcasts.


Well, after getting through Breath of the Wild and Nier Automata, I basically had jumped right back into Final Fantasy XIV after taking a break from it, more so in prep for Stormblood which is coming out in a couple more weeks.

I’d actually tried playing it like a year ago but couldn’t quite get into it. Then a friend told me to try playing on the legacy server “Balmung” which has basically been labeled by the community as the RP server and holy shit what a difference that made.

For an example, I’m playing a Bard character, had done some music performances at a venue before being approached by another player who IC convinced my Bard to join the Theatre Troupe he was trying to build which is also an FC (this game’s version of Guilds) and since then we’ve been preparing shows for IC performances which has been me composing music for these things.

Like it’s the coolest thing ever and fills a void that had been left from some of my D&D games falling apart.

Do any of you play FFXIV