What game are you playing?

Since it was on sale crazy cheap this weekend and there’s a big break between Fire Emblem and Control in August, I picked up the entire Danganronpa trilogy. I’m gonna try to go out of character and avoid spoilers, but the idea is that you’re a normal high schooler student (and the game goes suspiciously hard on this point) who gets enrolled in this school for the super talented. Only a Bear has turned the school into Saw 1 and you have to kill somebody to escape. I’m only like an hour in so far.

So theoretically the game wants me to join up with my fellow students and save us all, I don’t know how much choices or routes there are in this VN. But really I’m thinking which one of these classmates could we do without?

There’s this rich kid whose only talent is “being rich” and I call bullshit on that one immediately. Lil’ Eric Trump here isn’t some prodigy cause his dad had connections and the appearance of money. And then there’s the hentai artist kid who is already being a problem to the girls.

Also Sakuya is playing me, I don’t trust her one bit. I can already guess a few Zero Escape twists to come.

I got No Man’s Sky just in time for the big update released yesterday. I’m really enjoying my time so far. I’ve already filled up my inventory, and have just barely explored my second planet. I so badly want to look up tutorials/playthroughs to get a better idea of what to do or how to upgrade stuff, but I’m trying my best to just enjoy exploring. It hasn’t itched that similar scratch, but I’m trying to go into it like I did Minecraft. I knew some basic stuff about Minecraft, but I just went in and tried to figure stuff out.

The first world I was on was bland and arid, but filled with giant plants. It was interesting, but didn’t really showcase how beautiful these worlds can be. Once I broke through the atmosphere for the second planet I was amazed. It was completely different. All I could see was water. There were little islands spotted throughout this massive ocean. There were greens, blues, and purples all over. It was so beautiful! I landed at a Gek monument that I had gotten the waypoint to, and it was surrounded by green hills with tall trees. At the top of the hill I could see the ocean though. There were giant diamonds sticking out the of the ground and ocean. Then once in the ocean it was even more breath-taking. There were all those giant diamonds around, giant clams, jellyfish, fish, and all sorts of pretty sea grasses.

I’ve barely scratched the surface of the game, but I’m really enjoying it. I’m excited to explore and survey more worlds. It’s actually kinda funny because when I listened to the FatT Twilight Mirage season I was thinking of what my character would be. I figured I’d be the pilot and I’d be a cartographer/surveyor of planets. I thought the idea of being a planet surveyor and mapping out planets across the galaxy would be so amazing. Here I am doing just that.

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There’s plenty of that in the game!

Really though, that second planet sounds beautiful! I’m looking forward to getting back tonight.

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I finally finished The Evil Within 2. I took a break from it because it was starting to drag on for me a bit after the priest villain is introduced. It was a bit strange for me how they spent the first half of the game building up the encounter with the photographer for him to dissapear so suddenly and be replaced by someone we’d never even heard about. However I’m glad I went back and finished it because the ending was weird and ridiculous in a good way.
Overall I had lots of fun with it, which is not how I remeber feeling about the first game even though I also liked it.

I feel you on HZD. I tried really hard to love the world, but it didn’t work for me. The combat would be better suited for a smaller, more meaningful world. I stopped playing for 5 months, then picked it up, turned it to the lowest difficulty, and flew through the last 6 hours of story


Yeah what little info I’ve gathered from hearing about it on podcast and a few videos I’ve heard that is a common thing. Also apparently they even expanded the inventory size. Once I learn what each element is used for I imagine I’ll get better with what I harvest, rather than the harvest EVERYTHING mentality I have now.

The planet is so gorgeous. I think the difference in that planet and my first only make it stand out even further. As soon as I started flying around that planet I was angry I didn’t know how to make a base because I’m for sure setting up there.

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Reinstalled No Man’s Sky again to check out the new update. The Nexus was very laggy and broken, couldn’t talk to anyone and frame-rate was like ten. So I got out of there to visit my first planet and the game crashed on entry. I think I’ll wait for the hot fix.

Oh that’s great! I’m glad to hear it.

I’m only 10 hours in, but man this game is fantastic. The QOL stuff makes such an enormous difference. And knowing that I can switch up my jobs at any time, with no cost, is incredible. It encourages a lot more experimentation, which is at least half of the fun of a job system.

I’d also forgotten how much I like Balthier. Now, if only Square could design a female companion that doesn’t look like a Playboy bunny crossed with a dominatrix. I like Fran a lot. Her character has a certain coolness and matter-of-factness that makes her tough and imposing… but for the love of god put some clothes on her, Square!

i played dicey dungeons to death already while it was alpha but hearing them talk it up on the podcast and with such enthusiasm made me want to play it again. so i bought the release version.
it’s still fantastic, more so with the new art and music and everything, and i am looking forward to unlocking my fav, the witch, again and seeing if all the old shenanigans still work.

also i guess i have seen all the story scenes in necrodancer now. but aria all zones seems… unlikely. zone 5 is a nightmare. i might be done? i don’t know.

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Played some more No Man’s Sky. I’m really enjoying it and just exploring the world, but I think I need to start learning more about the systems. What elements I need to create what piece of technology. How to create specialized elements. Things like that. Right now I’m just spread out too thin. I’m exploring, building, mining, learning, and everything else under the sun. I feel myself just getting lost/underwhelmed. I did just unlock a ton of stuff for base building so I think that will be my next “mission”. I will design/build my base so it matches the ideas in my head. I also think that will help me find out a few recipes and such.

I was in a weird mood so I’ve been playing Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader which is still fucking great. I had forgotten exactly how much fun these types of games are. It’s basically an on rails shooter that has missions that let you feel you have a say in the action. It’s a shame Factor 5 died such an inglorious death.
Has there been anything in recent times that’s similar?


I’ve been chipping away at World of Light in SSBU and gosh it keeps getting more interesting! Today I managed to Beat every encounter in the light world, and find the Zelda dungeon in the dark world. The light puzzles around the map continue to get more and more clever as do the encounters themselves. What a neat way to design a smash campaign.

@Blacksentai I haven’t played Rogue Squadron, but perhaps take a look at House of the Dying Sun? It’s not on rails, but it’s a mission based space game that doesn’t try to do too much.

House of the dying sun looks very neat. Whenever I get a PC that can play games again I will give it a try. I hope it’s better for me than Strike Suit Zero was.
I don’t need the game to be on rails, but I like when the battlefield is more or less constrained. I always have a problem in space games where I spend a lot of time thrusting in all the wrong directions. I would not be a good space pilot.

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I have the same issue! Any time I’ve tried getting back into elite or whatever I have so much trouble getting my bearings in combat. Just landing a ship can be a pain.

I’m also considering trying out EVERSPACE which is a roguelike with constrained battlefields.

I’m currently trying to beat killer7, with a little bit of Tooth and Tail

Dipped my toe in No Man’s Sky once again to check out the new update on the PS4. This is probably the third time I’ve done it, I seem to do it with every big update. I did the same thing I did previously, started on a new planet, did the tutorial to get my ship back online, landed on another slightly different planet, had a wander. I am going to try and persevere with it this time as I generally love the tone and I want to see what other stuff they’ve added, but I’m just a bit put off by all the resource management. You need Carbon to power your mining laser, Sodium to power your radiation suit, Oxygen to improve your health. I’m on my second planet now, which seems to be a fairly safe planet to build a base on. Just some of the base building mechanics feel a little vanilla.
I’ve just come from a big relapse into Minecraft, which is generally creator/exploration heaven. Like there is a sense of wonder in the procedurally generated lanscapes and biomes and the sense of scale of the environment and the distance travelled within. Haven’t really ever had the same thing from No Man’s Sky.

I saw a display ad on my facebook about Satisfactory and I was reminded of Vinny’s high praise of it on GB. So I went and purchased it from the Epic Games Store - look at that complete digital marketing journey there. I guess it really does work. I really liked Factorio - there’s something so satisfying of creating these production lines and automating everything. Even to the point that you turn the map into a literal hellscape of production lines and power plants that is a nightmarish version of those old isometric Rollercoaster Tycoon games.

Satisfactory seems great. Graphics are really good and I love how much the game leans into allowing you to build your factory along meticulous lines - as in you want this conveyor belt to line up EXACTLY with the furnace which will then go into the Constructor. The construction tools that allow you to build buildings around your production lines are really extensive and I think the latest update allows you to build trains? It really reminds me of a first person factorio with a bit of Subnautica in that you’re dropped into explore this alien environment.

Yeah, I’m on a real creator/exploration survival kick at the moment.

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Guys, I have a Wii U. It’s connected to my TV. For a little over a year this is a fact that I literally have forgotten. Guess what else! I never finished New Super Mario Bros. U. I had that game basically at launch. It’s still pretty fun. I had forgotten how large the gamepad is, but it still works for me. It’s a shame this console was such a flop I can’t even find good cheap games for it. Tokyo Mirage sessions is still like $20. And I know that’s way cheaper than $60, but I feel like everything on Wii U should be $10 or under by now.

Been playing a bunch of Kill la Kill IF for review, I really liked it. The story mode is really well made and the core combat is great. There’s just not enough of it.

Also I’ve been sinking a stupid amount of time into No Man’s Sky VR. It has rekindled my love both for that game and for VR in general.

EDIT: Turns out this game has some shitty reactionary ideology in it, so maybe steer clear of The Messenger.

Yo, lemme tell you about The Messenger. It’s a throwback Ninja Gaiden/Shinobi 2D platformer that I’ve been obsessed with all weekend. The game revolves around a neat mechanic where you get a double jump anytime you slash an enemy or projectile in air, thereby giving you as many jumps as there are enemies to kill. It’s one of those mechanics that just got me into a a flow state where I could not stop playing. Oh, and the soundtrack slaps.

I’ve been hearing that the second half is where a lot of people fall off, as the game goes from linear action-platformer to metroidvania, but the mechanics of traversal are so good that I’m happily going around punching out every single power seal. That said, I can see the shift being annoying to critical pathers.

Man that’s the used Nintendo market for you. I can get FF XIII and XV on the Xbox for $15, maybe $20 combined. But if I want to buy Dragon Quest 7 on the 3DS, it’s still going to be between $20 and $30 on its own, depending on whether it comes with the case or not. For whatever reason, the value just never falls.