What game are you playing?


So, current status (I’ve been gone a while, it’s all a long story):

Destiny 2: On hold, as Black Armory didn’t add nearly as much as I hoped and I dropped off hard as a result. This is a Good Thing, as it means I can start tackling my huge pile of shame. And I do mean HUGE.

FFXV: I’m mopping up the mountain of endgame side stuff before going to finish my game. I know NG+ exists, but I want to get to the final boss at 99 or higher because that’s my weird quirk. Then, I guess, I’ll try the Episodes.

Steamworld Dig: Recently bought and started on Xbox, using essentially as light relief between other games so still very early. I assume anyhow.

Burnout Paradise: similar to Steamworld Dig, playing it as the mood takes me. C Class license acquired, and 9% done according to the menu. Eeesh.

Hitman 2: Just got it, so it’s next on my list.

Yakuza 0: Again, just got it in this month’s Humble Bundle, so yet to start. Trying to work out this whole “Pi as a Steam Link” thing so I can play it on couch.

Skyrim: started yet again on PC as I watch my wife play it again on Xbox. I should know better than to have done that.

I need to stop starting games.


On topic of putting the finishing touches on games. I finished super Mario bros 3. And yeah. I hate feeling like a contrarian, but the game really isn’t anything special, it was certainly ahead of its time, but damn it is not timeless imo. Does anyone else feel this way on here? I know I’m not the only one.


I think with all games like this, it’s very much a “You Had To Be There” moment. I never played a Mario game until probably 1996/7 or so, so I do understand your feelings here - they’re well constructed games, but I think a lot of the “timeless classic” responses need you to have played them first when you were a kid - just like the “Star Wars is a work of genius” thing needs you to have been about 12 in 1977.


I am playing the “I bought a refurbished Xbox 360 for $80 because Gamestop was clearancing them out and now I have to set it all back up from scratch” game

And let me tell you this: don’t

I have like $300-$500 worth of Xbox 360 software. Not all of that is going to ever be playable on an Xbox One. So I figured it would be a cheaper investment to just replace my prehistoric 2007-era 360 and skip saving up for an Xbone (actually, I was saving up for a Switch first, but I digress).

This dashboard is falling apart. You can’t manage your download queue on the website anymore. You can’t access your purchase history on the console, either, which tries to load a webpage that is now a 404 Not Found. The only way to manage your digital library of Xbox 360 software is by going through your Download History.

That Download History is for everything you’ve ever downloaded on your account. Every gamerpic, theme, Xbox Live Arcade game, piece of DLC, Game demo, indie game, piece of avatar clothing, video, e v e r y t h i n g. Mine is probably over ten thousand items long, and less than one tenth of those are retail games I’d want to redownload.

Your download queue can only be of a finite size. The console does not tell you this. It’ll show you a list of about 15-20 “active download” items and keep another 15-20 items beyond that in memory. But it’ll gladly let you add 75, 80, 100+ items to your download queue without ever returning an error, and anything past the threshold is lost to the nether.

You cannot rearrange your download queue. I mean, you can, but the console will start eating items on that list every time you move things around. Either the item on the very top of the list or the very bottom of the list will disappear all because you wanted to download Burnout Paradise: Big Surf Island’s 108kb DLC unlock key before Dust: An Elysian Tail.

And that’s assuming it’ll even work at all. For example, Earthworm Jim HD is a broken download. Bringing that up through my Download History returns “Sorry, there’s a problem with the Xbox service. Try again later. Error code 800700E8.” That error code is for temporary service outages, but given the website says all Xbox Live services are all functional and this error has come up for multiple days in a row now, I don’t think it’s temporary.

Some items, like Castlevania: Harmony of Despair’s “Getsu Fuuma” DLC, claims I didn’t buy them despite the fact they’re clearly in my Download History and could only be there if I bought them.

And that’s obviously not even touching on just how slow this process is.

It’s bad. And depressing. Especially considering how much nicer and more logically laid out the 360 dashboard feels compared to the PS4 dashboard and what I’ve seen of the Xbox One dash. It’s a disgrace.


So I just spent a weekend playing a ton of Realm Royale. Something about the class-based combat and the ability to somewhat spec out your loadout has really clicked with me. It doesn’t hurt that it’s a shooter-first battle royale that doesn’t succumb to mil-sim aesthetics. I can’t wait to get home from work today and play some more.


All I’ll say for Uncharted is that when it came out, the flexibility of all the movement and shooting was unprecedented. Like you could climb up a cliff face and then aim your gun before you hoisted yourself up. It may seem stupid now, but at the time that was unseen.

As was the character performance capture, which gave all the characters so much more life. Drake is a your archetypal boring rogue-like character but he felt way more realistic. Uncharted came out the same year as Gears of War which took the biscuit for all the cover based mechanics, but playing Uncharted was like playing Tomb Raider with a far more free flowing control of your character, which I guess is the thing they went all in on in Uncharted 4.

It was very short and the whole nazi zombies thing did suck. It did feel more like a trailer to the main feature that was Uncharted 2. I’ve never really liked the shooting in Uncharted, usually it requires some in-menu tinkering to make as easy as possible. Uncharted 4 was a slog for me because of it, though I do think they did condense down the formula with Lost Legacy into a more agreeable package.


Joseph Anderson did a really good video about this


Slime Rancher on the PS4 and the World of Light mode in Smash Bros Ultimate,

World of Light continues to surprise me with the imaginative use of the characters. Last night I fought Lakitu and Spiny team, which were made out of a Bowser Jr and an army of tiny Bowsers. Also surprise guest star bosses that I won’t spoil.

One beef with the trivia part, Red from animal crossing has never sold anything but art, not furniture, common


I’ve been burning time waiting for KH3 by diving back into my Paradox library and bouncing between Crusader Kings 2, Hearts of Iron 4, and Stellaris.

I’ve also been getting big into randomizer hacks, specifically the Link to the Past and Link to the Past / Super Metroid combo one. The routing scratches some kind of itch for me and I just don’t get tired of it!


I started another playthrough of Nioh and have been thrilled to find out that I actually improved from my first. Easily beating bosses that previously kicked my ass feels really good!

Trying a spear + tonfa build and they’re comboing really well together. The tonfa easily stuns enemies as they run out of ki from blocking which opens up for a lot of damage. The spear gives me distance whenever I need it and is a good damage dealer, too.

It’s a good game

Edit: I should add that there are entire systems that I still haven’t grasped, like properly comboing stance or weapon switches and the entire magic system so I still feel like there’s a ton of stuff to improve at. Plus I’m still not loving the random loot system. You get so many generic weapons and armor pieces during a mission that is not fun to look through for something that’s better than what you have. Most of it in the end just scrapped or sold. It’s almost exhausting.

I’ve been curious about some randomizers after seeing them at GDQ. Did you find them difficult to get into? I’m afraid I’ll try one out, get a lousy seed and hit a dead end somewhere.


Honestly, “Random Drops” systems like this, where there’s a huge amount of trash (or just near-identical items) always exhaust me. Do people enjoy them?


I’m playing Resident Evil 2 and to expel some of the horror, I’ve been streaming it!

I’ve got to the point where I’ve moved past fear and am now feeling a bit more tactical about the game. Professional Resident Evil-ing.

  • Trenchoat Frankenstein ('s monster) can’t get into safe rooms. Audio via a good pair of stereo headphones will help pinpoint his footsetps in the police station.
  • Avoid lickers where ever possible. They can’t open doors so if isolated within a room with one, just find a way to escape having picked all resources. If there are lickers at important junctures use whatever resources to dispose of them quickly.
  • If you are in tight quarters and need to get past zombies. Find an opening so you can run perpindicular to their backs. Lure them to one side and then hug the wall of the opposite side.
  • The game will have a habit of throwing super zombies at you. These aren’t zombies that look any different to the others, they’ll just take a lot more damage. For example, zombie directly left of the door as you enter morgue and the zombie on the 3rd floor of the east wing (at the top of the staircase). Find a way to kill these outright as they are dangerous when backtracking. Use grenades or headshot them with magnum for an outright kill. The last thing you want is one of them to catch you off guard whilst Tyrant closes in.
  • Dogs can’t open doors and can be evaded by zig zagging rather than running in a straight line.
  • Make every shot count. If you felt something went sloppy. Restart from last checkpoint.
  • Headshots will sometimes result in a surprise head pop, which is an instant kill. But this isn’t always guaranteed unless you use magnum. Shotgun will still dismember limbs which can reduce problem zombies.
  • Let sleeping zombies lie.


I played a ton of the Anthem VIP demo with friends over the weekend and…I loved it? The demo actually ran pretty smoothly for me for the most part and apart from one instance of lag the networking side of things was rock-solid for me. (I didn’t get started until late Friday due to work, so that may have been part of it.) Movement and combat felt so very satisfying and I have been needing a new BioWare story in my life so I’m just very ready.

I especially leaned into the Colossus and the Storm and I can’t decide which will be my main but I found them both very satisfying for different reasons.

Meanwhile, my wife and I are still Smash Bros-ing a ton and loving it. She’s also started diving into Kirby Star Allies due to its relaxing cuteness and I’ve been co-op-ing with her.


I haven’t had a ton of trouble getting into them (though the combo randomizer is A Lot and I wouldn’t recommend starting with it like I did, it was a headache). Most of the generators let you create a spoiler too, which you can use if you get stuck. It’s really useful until you get down where all the possible item spots are!


I’m trying to keep my expectations for the story in check, as I’m still skeptical that they will be able to deliver something particularly compelling given the multiplayer-centric format of the game. That said, looking past the technical issues (and there were quite a few of them for me, mainly the 95% loading screen bug), I had a ton of fun this weekend as well, and I’m looking forward to putting all 4 Javelins through their paces this weekend. Right now, I’m thinking that Storm will be my main, but from the little I played of the Interceptor, that one could end up being super fun as well.

Really, if all the game ends up being is souped up Mass Effect co-op combat that I can keep grinding for loot and find new builds with, I’ll be pretty happy.


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is a definite step up from its predecessor in pretty much every way. The set pieces are more exciting, the combat’s more fluid with the stealth system working surprisingly well, the acting (CLAUDIA BLACK AND STEVE VALENTINE) and character interplay is stronger, and the story’s still pretty whatever, but it’s better than DF’s. AT reusing the whole “Nazi’s got here first, were Nazi’s, died” thing actually had me wondering if the first game was rushed out the door to meet a market window.

It’s still, however, pretty damn dated.

My previous complaint about platforming being floaty and of often jumping to your death once or twice before you solve the game’s favorite “puzzle”, “find the thing we arbitrarily decided this CLEARLY EXPERIENCED FREE-CLIMBER can scale” still rings true. In fact, it may even be worse. There’s a sequence in particular where you’re traversing the interior of a mountain that was interminable both in terms of length and my confusion while playing it.

“Interminable in length” can accurately describe most of this game’s back third. Basically everything you do after you leave the Tibetan village the first time goes on for way too long, especially the fighting. I said up top that the combat was improved and the shooting is, but the design of arenas, enemy AI and placement ARE FUCKING INFURIATING. Enemy shotguns will kill you in one hit and they are hiding around every corner. I was honestly pining for even the most aggravating parts of RDR2’s gunplay while playing this.

The story tries, limply, to address the colonialism inherent in the series, and the fact that most of the men you kill in Drake’s Fortune are South Asian and South American, but, and I’m sure there’s stuff from more experienced writers you could read on the game’s failing in this regard, it’s all limited to a hamfisted “Maybe… murder and theft is wrong?” sentimentality. The fact the only climax the writer’s could think of is Nate destroys a sacred Buddhist paradise in order to stop a meanie also says… a lot. Look, I know that video game storytelling in the triple A space is retrospectively rough during the seventh gen, but this was at the same time as the other mega popular cover shooter series telling a story, largely through gameplay, of machismo and “bonds of brotherhood” meaning precisely jack shit up against a meat grinder of conflict that does not pity and DOES NOT STOP. So, what’s the excuse here?

Y’know, I loved scaling the train wreck in the opening, or blindly firing at an armored vehicle as it chased me down an alley. I also loved the stuff between Nate and Elena which was super cute. Chloe and Flynn were also also great and I wish they hadn’t killed Flynn off , so he could have been a recurring frenemy. I GOT TO PET A YAK. All that stuff though, it feels small compared to the annoyances I experienced, so I think I gotta give Among Thieves a 5/10. Maybe I’ll up that to a six when I’ve had some more time away from it, I jumped immediately into 3 so it obviously did some things right, but that’s where my brains at right now.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception update: Pretty sure this game isn’t good, but I was left loopy by how batshit, goofy and contrived it is, so that’s something. In a lot of ways, this game is just as bad as the previous entries, but it was such an aggressive mess that I found it “charming” in a way. So, fuck it, 7/10.


I got Sea of Thieves last week when it was on sale. Despite not having friends to consistently play with I’ve enjoyed relaxing and sailing around solo. But I have zero tolerance for toxic player chat so I never group up with strangers.

It’s kinda sad that I don’t I pretty much don’t feel comfortable or safe playing any multiplayer game with voice chat because players can be so terrible. But I try not to think about it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


If you’re looking to group up with non-toxic folks, the Waypoint discord has been great for getting cool folks together for high seas pirating. It’s been a chill and fun time in my experience.


I played and finished Pikuniku earlier in the week. It was pretty chill and like all the reviews have mentioned, it’s actually funny. I chuckled out loud when the final boss fight stopped while the big bad’s minions yelled at him over working conditions (later on they form a union). It didn’t set my world on fire, but it was worth the three or so hours I put into it.


Anthem Open Beta!!! Lesfuckengo!!!

EDIT 1: This game has the most Bioware-ass “lore” ever. What the fuck’s an urgoth?

EDIT 2: That is 100% Jack McBrayer as the bartender