What game are you playing?


I hope it works well this time! I played the VIP demo and it a.) ran like garbage on XB1, and b.) had really weird loading locks and connection issues. I experienced two different complete freezes on loading screens and a full disconnection from a game session over the course of an hour of play. I saw that they noted they are making moves on the loading locks (though no definitive statements on whether or not those are permanently fixed), so I am hopeful! The game seems cool!


I’m downloading it right now, will be interested and exctied to play it tommorow morning. I was planning to pick up Metro: Exodus as my big purchace of the month, but if this game impresses me, i might switch to Anthem. So we shall see.

I picked up Wargroove in other news. Played the first three tutorial missions and liked it. Excited to play more. I never played Advanced Wars, so i’ll be excited to see what the big deal is!


I think the best way to gauge if you’ll like Anthem is, did you enjoy the combat from Mass Effect 3 and ME: Andromeda (if you played them)? If you did, this is basically that turned up to 11, with Iron Man-style flying and more mobility. And that’s the core loop.


I played the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer Beta, but thats about it. I remember i liked it well enough, but that was 7 years ago, so we shall see!


I play Resident Evil 2 remake, already at the time on the PS1 I had found it great but it’s even better. The graphics are beautiful, the gameplay is good, the atmosphere is very successful, the characters are still as good, even if the scenario has changed a little it remains excellent and the enemies are terrible.

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So I started dipping back into Parkitecht again after it’s coming out of early access and I am really enjoying it! For anyone looking for a park management game with a heavy emphasis on the management, I’d say give it a shot. Planet Coaster didn’t really click for me in this regard as it was so focused on the customization side of things, but I’ve found Parkitecht and it’s campaign does a good job at providing enough set pieces and decorations to get creative, but pushes the player enough into making difficult choices regarding expansion, taking loans, what to make next, what to get rid of, just so many decisions. But it’s slow paced enough to remain relaxing too.

Cameron Kunzelman’s piece on the game hits on some of the external pressures the game puts on the player, specifically the loan system (which is maybe too real).


So, Steamworld Dig is done. Missed a few achievements, but I’m not going for a second speed run thanks, so they’ll remain undone. A fun little game that’s weirdly paced.

Tried the Anthem beta for around 3 hours. Utterly hated it. As a huge fan of Destiny, and with lots of hours in The Division as well, it just felt bland. Guns lack impact (and ammo) the controls are clunky, the demo is terribly explained (I had to go on my phone to look up the controls, it took me ages to find loadouts, and then it didn’t explain why I wasn’t seeing all my loot - because it’s class-locked, not that it ever felt like saying it) and nothing about it seems appealing. The section of story I played was nothing special (if not outright off-putting) I really hate their hub world system and constant “this is not in the demo” notices (have a screen that explains what it’ll do in the release game instead!) and the character models just lack something (I think it’s the heads). Playing in the open world after finishing the few missions I felt like I was getting dinged immediately on spawn constantly and that I was the weakest element of the ecosystem, literally falling to any combat encounter despite being in the heavy suit. A hard pass from me unless this is somehow massively unlike the release title. Also, this happened.

Sort of started Night In The Woods. Looks amazing, but I’m just not getting drawn in at all. And the rhythm action music stuff is just beyond me right now somehow, just can’t do it. May have to leave that and maybe play Thimbleweed Park or Oxenfree, both of which have been Pile of Shame Alumni since not long after their release.

Tried to get my RetroPie back up and running, but wow is that a process I don’t want to deal with right now. All the packages seem up to date, but there’s no way to access RetroPie Configuration (it normally shows up among the emulators but is conspicuously absent) and as such no easy way to do why I even turned it on - to add Steam Link functionality and give that a try. I tried using command prompt to do it following a guide, with no luck, so I guess it’s time to wipe it and start over for the… fourth time?


I’ve been playing the Anthem demo. My first experience was being disconnected and going through a long loading screen every time I tried to launch a mission. The movement speed in the fort tarsis area is glacial and already got annoying when I was able to do the first few missions. Comparing it to Destiny, which is the only similar game I play, the guns/combat, movement, and UI just don’t feel great. The exception is the flying, but it’s interrupted too often by overheating. I just tried a bit of the freeplay and had about 5 encounters in a row where I’d see a group of enemies, approach them, get a couple of shots in and then they would disappear.

I really wanted to like this game, but the demo hasn’t done a good job of selling it. Was thinking of picking this up for a month when it releases, but now I’m leaning away from it. I also want to see what activities are present in the final game, because the demo seems pretty sparse.


I personally picked up the discounted origins access this month (between 1-2 dollars I think?). It’ll give like 10-15 hours of playtime when the game drops.

I’ve only played a bit of freeroam and the first mission. I did like the loop of the flying, though. Planning for dives and utilizing ‘cooled’ seems like it keeps the flying interesting rather than just a sidenote.


Got a real uncanny valley response from a lot of the NPCs. It looked like decent hi-rez visuals on 3D models that were too flat.

I think for me the two biggest issues are no changes to loadouts in missions, and not being able to see the loot you get until the end of a mission. The big appeal for me of something like Diablo 3 co-op is everyone’s shared experience of loot drops.

I’m also not sure how the endgame is going to hold up, as it’s clearly intended for you to play the same small selection of content over and over for better loot. Considering that the loot definitely left me feeling underwhelmed


Since everyone is playing Resident Evil 2, I am of course playing Resident Evil 1. You can play the PS4 version on easy, so I am doing that, don’t judge me. It’s overwhelming at first, all the places to go and doors to open, but very neat once you start learning the mansion. It is also legitimately scary, although not very threatening on easy.
I borrowed it to play on Gamecube from a friend back in the day, but the game always crashed at the same place, so I never finished it. And fun fact, it was almost the first game we got for PS1, even further back in the day. But my parents said nothing violent and the dude was like “Oh, not that one then.” Instead we got Olympic Games, which you know, is not a good game.


My one Anthem take so far is that the male Freelancer fucking suuuuuuuucks. He’s such a chucklefuck asshole in every conversation, regardless of dialog choices. It’s a really strong argument for the value of silent protagonists.


The female voice has a good level of dipshittery as well, to be fair.


God of War (2018) and I feel it’s one of those games where folks didn’t heed Rob’s advice and gave into astonishment. Everything is in service of reminding people of the spectacle of the game, the framing of the combat, the slow exploration and movement around the world, Atreus’ dialogue which is often just to remind the player “Cool, Amazing, Wow shit” is happening. I think the big narrative behind this game is the internal maturation of the team being reflected in writing, but I find a lot of the pacing to be off and creates scenes that fall flat. I know Kratos is “worried” when Atreus falls ill, but the writing or portrayal really doesn’t offer much than a quick carrying in my arms to bring to Freya. There’s little dialogue or even animation that really shows Kratos is a nervous wreck that his kid may die.

Atreus gives some pretty good questioning moody dialogue early on about how he thinks his father doesn’t give a shit about the family, but then immediately returns to the player’s id response of wow look how cool this game looks.

I don’t know I’m just going through the main quest because the act of exploring and combat are uninteresting to me.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from playing the original Uncharted trilogy, it’s that you can’t force affability. I’m 4 games in and I’m only now starting to come around to that jerkwad, so it seems like I’m for a bad time with Anthem’s PC.


I played a few hours of Anthem and yeah, its fine! I liked it well enough i don’t think it wowed me enough to sway my purchase. Though i’ll probably play a few more hours tommorrow and see if it grows on me at all.

I also played a few more missions of Wargroove. And yeah, its pretty solid. I’m still terrible at strategy games, and as such, some of the flaws pointed out have been real thorns in my side. I.e. No Undos, no mid battle saves, unpredictable enemy spawns in the middle of battle. That last one i’m very back and forth on, because there has been a moment where said unkownable spawns mid mission has led to some of my favorite moments in a game, where i beat back a flank with my weaker troops and feel like a movie commander, and there has also been times where its happened and i’ve gone “well this whole mission just went down the fucking toilet, time to restart” i’m back and forth, though i do like the game.


I’m alternating through a few games, with the biggest one being Dragon Quest V. People really love DQV and I appreciate why, but it’s a bit too predictable that the big story events don’t hit as hard as I want (which is to say I only cried 3/4 of my tears). And the music isn’t as good as IV’s. The Join Party jingle though… Dragon Quest just owns so hard.


After a long and arduous journey of waiting nearly a whole month for Amazon to ship it to me, I finally have Dragon Quest Builders for the PS4, which I adore. It’s kind of just Minecraft, but it’s way more structured and there’s a whole quest system about how humanity has been cursed to forget how to build anything and you’re the only person who still remembers

But there’s something weird about it that I don’t know if I really like, and that’s how it handles resource gathering.

I’m a pack rat, and in Minecraft that meant I would stripmine huge tunnels so I had tons of blocks. DQB tries to expedite that a little bit insofar as recipes always make more than they take, but that creates weird loops that the game doesn’t even try to address.

So to make flagstone, which is a material I use for my sidewalk, it takes something like 3 stone and 1 coal. That 3 stone and 1 coal will make ten individual flagstone blocks. Now, DQB knows that players will likely build all of their towns out of dirt, as it’s one of the only materials you have to start out with and it’s literally everywhere. Tearing all of that dirt down and replacing it with stone or bricks would take forever, so they let you make “cladding” and “flooring.”

By using one of these items, it will automatically convert dirt walls (cladding) or floors (flooring) to that block type. So if I spend one flagstone block, I get 5 flagstone flooring. Using one flagstone flooring will convert 3x3 dirt blocks in to flagstone.

These blocks are real flagstone. If you have a hammer, you can just dig them up.

So what this has essentially lead to is me going out to a random place outside of town, “planting” fields of flagstone flooring, and then harvesting them again to get basically infinite amounts of flagstone blocks. As long as I have one block of flagstone, I can turn it in to 5 stacks of flooring, which can be dug back up for 45 blocks of flagstone.

And what makes this extra weird is the fact that I can make infinite building materials, but I’m like six or seven hours in to this game and it’s basically impossible for me to plant grass? Grass doesn’t grow naturally like it does in Minecraft, it HAS to be planted. The game’s hinted I’ll get a shovel eventually that’ll let me dig up plants without breaking them, but for now, the only way for me to get grass is to kill bats, which have a random chance to drop grass seeds. After 5 or so minutes of killing bats, I’ll usually be lucky to have 3-4 seeds, which has never even been enough to cover my tiny little town.

And that’s… just… weird.


Aside from playing the “scour the internet for Apex Legends leaks” game, my Realm Royale obsession continues unabated. Got a few crown royale, leveled up the battle pass, and got cheated out of a platinum trophy by a glitch.

I also finally tried out Anthem, and I kinda like it. The combat feels great, diving and hitting water to keep flying is really fun, and the matchmaking on all mission types is a stroke of brilliance. I’m seriously thinking of buying it now, especially because they aren’t going to nickel and dime me with paid expansions. Hopefully the network issues are solved before day one, though. There are too many dropped sessions right now.


I started playing Kingdom Hearts 3 this weekend after listening to the first Waypoint Kingdom Hearts Podcast, and then watching the explainer video they mentioned, and then reading an article ‘Everything You Need to Know to Start Playing Kingdom Hearts 3’. This is my first KH game and I am not totally lost. I am enjoying it, but the time between manual save points can be a little bit scary.