What game are you playing?


The manual saves a pretty wild. I died at one point and was so confused. Like… it’s 2019!?

Glad you’re enjoying the game though!


Just started a Monsters of the Week campaign with some friends.

First session went very well! I’m basically setting up a simple monster in a simple scenario, which is a werewolf in a furry convention.

My players are basically: A high school gym teacher who goes, ‘My Gad…’ at all the nonsense he sees.

A Zak Bagans type who is convinced that every monster must be some kind of ghost or spirit.

And a youtuber who is basically a stoner/shaggy type who’s a fan of the Zak Bagans type.

I know the game says to reinforce that my players are bad ass, but honestly they all just wanna play dumbasses. Killing this werewolf is gonna be a pain in the ass.


Playing some Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2. It seems similar to the first one, though maybe with some mechanics improved a bit. Just doing campaign right now, then gonna look into playing some skirmishes with a friend, then maybe online if I haven’t lost interest at that point.

It’s fun doing 18th century naval combat in space. The aestethics and story are very Warhammer 40k, so you know, that’s a whole thing…


I beat Banner Saga this morning. I think I love this game?

The Game has so many flaws. The strategy aspect doesn’t feel all that stategic. With such little enemy variety it often felt like I was smashing Varls into to Big Bois and crossing my fingers they gave out first. That said, I felt an attachment that it often sounds like people have with their Xcom army. I don’t think Iver and Rook are some bloody fantastic combo but I always placed them next together in the batting order and stringed them together. Something about their relationship in the story made it feel right. The Game feeding into the game and the game feeding back into the Game.

I don’t think the story is master class but it felt like a really good Game of Thrones/Vikings choose your own adventure. I don’t know how many choices I made effected anything but in the moment it FELT important. An hour later I would wonder if I had any effect at all but it didn’t matter so much anymore. The main story lingered in the background more often than not. The Big Bad lumbered toward you but the character interactions in small towns to the short sequences you might trigger during the Oregon Trail portion of the game made things feel ALIVE! Like this was your journey.

Dang, glad I got Banner Saga 2 to hop right into.


Still playing Forza Horizon 4, but getting close to being “done enough” to stop playing it. Fun game, great diversion.

Next up is probably going to be Sunless Skies, or maybe some more BATTLETECH, or maybe something else. May check out Jon Shaefer’s At The Gates, which finally released and narrowly avoided killing Jon in the process.

I just got an email that Banner Saga is on sale and I’ve been meaning to try that, so maybe I’ll pick it up.


I’m alternating between Wargroove and Slay the Spire right now. 2019 hit the ground running with GOTY contenders. I don’t think Wargroove will contest the top spot, but I’ll be shocked if it doesn’t make my list.

Slay the Spire is excellent. Presumptive GOTY for me, I think. Good strategic and tactical levels, tons of replayability, generally nice style. It’s special.


I often wonder whether I missed something really fundamental with Banner Saga’s combat system, but seeing other people talk about it eases my mind somewhat. The way you trade moves with the other side made it impossible for me to work out how to have people work together. It also really bugged me that I ended most fights with most of my people knocked out. It felt weird narratively, especially with how easy it was to heal up. The strength of the art and music pretty much made up for it though. I particularly liked Ludin’s animation after taking a big hit where he drops his spear and picks it back up.

Two is also great but I found some of the fights in the back half really mean and annoying, to the extent that I didn’t finish it. I’d have pressed through to get to the third game, but I have them on iOS and the third is not ported yet.


I kind of hit a wall with Darksiders 2. Got to Earth and the game seems to really want me to just lug around a bigass gun and shoot stuff. When you pick it up you get locked into the aiming mode, which drastically slows movement and reduces FOV, so I have no idea what’s going on around me and keep getting hit from the sides and back. And up to this point it was a character action game, so it’s especially jarring.

If anyone’s played it: is it possible to just leave the damn thing behind and just stick with melee (as in, the combat gameplay the game has been teaching you for 20 hours) for the rest of the game’s time on Earth?

If not, I’m kind of done. Probably going to move on to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and see what all the fuss has been about.


Just finished up the original Nier on PS3, and had a pretty good time with it. I hadn’t realized how much of its DNA Automata built on… it really feels like a trial run for that game in a lot of ways, hitting many of the same themes and even a similar structure with the alternate endings. I enjoyed the supporting cast – although the main female companion is inexplicably dressed in literal underwear, she’s an interesting character otherwise… plus you get to spend half the game running around with my boy Emil. And the soundtrack is fantastic.


Me: “I know i’m fairly far into Wargroove, and i need to finish it before Metro drops, i have too many in progress games as is”

Respawn: Flips table “Plans have changed bud”


i am playning PUBG


I LOVED the original Nier when I first played it.
I replayed it recently beause Watch Out for Fireballs did a series of episodes on it and it didn’t hold up for me, much to my dismay.
I’m curious what you thought of second-fourth playthroughs if you did them.


Me: Emerging from a 100+ hour Battletech haze, “Oh man I need a break…time to read something or maybe check out one of these shows folks are raving about…”

Respawn: “That’s some nice time management strategy you have there…It’d be a shame if we were to stealth drop a new shooter…”


I jumped back into Slay the Spire because the boyfriend started playing it over the weekend. It’s the first game he’s really gotten into since… Subnautica, probably? It’s fun watching him enjoy something, since he fell off video games for the most part a few years ago. I’m trying hard not to be overbearing and watch over his shoulder. It’s helped me enjoy the game more, too. I was on the fence about it originally, because I usually don’t like anything with cards or deck-building, but being able to talk through strategies and show him ridiculous plays has pushed me over edge with it.

I think I’m also starting to get into a groove with… Wargroove. (Sorry!) I was really hitting a wall with it at first because I was treating it like Fire Emblem and trying to sweep across the map with my commander. That didn’t go well. Now I’m trying to be more deliberate with my unit movement, defending points and sacrificing units. It’s working, even though I’m still trash at it. I hope I don’t reach a point where it becomes too difficult for me, but I have a sense that’s going to be the case. Until then, I’m enjoying it.


I, uh, I think I’m gonna try and complete Pathologic? Well, The Bachelor’s story. I spent my morning (appropriately rainy and achy) going through the first day with some light walkthrough usage and discovered a few things about the game that I hadn’t before. Eventually, I broke through into the Day 2 for the first time ever and got a knife thrown at me while I was walking to the theater. My experience with the game, if anything, has been on-brand.

So far:

  • The game’s translation (at least Classic HD’s translation) is verbose as hell. And I like Kentucky Route Zero, so that doesn’t come lightly. I’ve read some Russian literature before, though, and it was also like this, so I wonder if it’s par for the course.
  • (sidenote: holy shit how do you even begin to translate something like this)
  • I L O V E that NPCs will tell you what the other “player characters” are doing at any given moment.
  • The thought of having to do this 11 more times is already draining me, but I guess that’s what I signed up for.


I am very antsy to get back to Anthem on release because I really loved it and feel like my experience is absolutely the polar opposite of some of the stuff from this thread. I could never get into Destiny like at all but I totally adored my time in the demos of Anthem.

In the meantime I, like a lot of other people, have been trying Apex Legends and had a better time than I expected so far. Otherwise, I’ve been dipping back into that Vampyr playthrough I’ve been threatening to pick back up and am remembering how much I enjoy that game and what it’s trying to do.


Dark country music and a Hells Angel aesthetic brought me back to Rebel Galaxy, even if it doesn’t have as much attitude as it projects. I’m actually just excited for the upcoming Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.


I did the second playthrough, and just looked up the final two endings since I lost interest in doing sidequests.

I appreciated the way they recontextualized the story and fleshed out Kaine’s character arc, but I think overall Automata handled its post-game stuff way better by having story and gameplay reasons to replay large parts of the game. I was leveled enough to quickly cheese through bosses the second time, but it still involved a lot of replaying the same stuff. I was kind of expecting a more substantial “Route C”-style epilogue, beyond the Kaine fight in the third/fourth endings.

Still overall enjoyed my time with it, though. I think it makes me more excited to see what they’re doing next, knowing that Automata wasn’t just a one-off.


Rather than spending my evening with apex legends, I decided to push through the last 6 or so missions of Wargroove! I should say that everything in the last couple of chapters really was the high point in the game for me. Once the game really gives you all of the toys in the toybox, that’s when it starts to shine, especially since the game imo kinda drags in the middle chapters. I’m not good at tactics games, so i fudged the difficulty settings a bit, and I’m a bit sad that a bunch of the games optional stuff is gated by star rankings, which are locked off if you turn the difficulty down. I think i’ll try and give the Puzzles a solid go before setting this one down, and i may dabble in the arcade mode or the online stuff, but personally, i don’t forsee this game having a massive post campaign tail for me.

I’m glad i stepped out on a limb and tried this one. It probably won’t be s standout of my year, but i did have a good time for a solid price, and hey, there is nothing wrong with that!


Just got into final fantasy 30 years late, playing 12 and 14 with my girlfriend! also have been much to my suprise enjoying apex legends, even though i swore i would never enjoy a br game.